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TLR-7A on a USP 45

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So, for some time now I have been looking for ways to replace the M2 UTL on my USP 45, and I don't want to use the rail adapter, I just don't like it. I had a new TLR7A that was slated for my new ordered fnx-45 Tactical, But I just ordered a TLR-1 HL on BF sale.

Anyway, I have a TLR7A with no home so I figured I'd try to somehow MacGyver it to fit the USP 45. Low and behold, no MacGyvering was needed, just needed to remove the insert and it fit the USP 45 perfectly. take a look at the pics below and let me know if i'm crazy, but I think it works. It doesn't shift when trying to move it by hand, not sure yet if it will move under recoil. If it does, I will have to figure out how to fill the rail section in front of the light.



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Well, I wasn't happy with the setup, the TLR-7A is too small for the USP 45, it just doesn't look right, so I tried the TLR-1. After a little bit of file work, it fit's perfectly, is solidly mounted, and looks a lot better.

I am considering selling my UTL along with a safariland level 3 holster specifically made for the USP 45 with a UTL if anyone is interested.


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On 12/3/2022 at 11:35 AM, Mr.Stu said:

If I'm understanding this correctly, you have no lateral tab or block any more. I think you're going to find the light creeps under recoil. Fire a few rounds through it and let us know.

I don’t think the USP accessory mount has any accommodation for a cross-slot that will accept a lateral tab or block. That’s why they take that specific UTL footprint light.

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