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Slide stop spring Ruger SR22

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I think I need to repair or replace the slide stop spring on my SR22.  The slide stop will lock the slide open when engaged but needs to be manually depressed in order to allow the slide to move forward, the stop stays up and doesn't drop down when I pull the slide back.

From what I can see on an exploded parts diagram, there is a small spring that should keep the slide stop down and it looks like that spring is either broken or has fallen off.

Has anyone ever had to change this spring?  It looks like I can get the firing assembly out of the frame by removing a roll pin at the handle.

Ruger SR 22 Complete Disassembly - Bing video

If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate it.


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2 hours ago, SmokenClay said:

Ruger has great support so before you do anything give them a call.

^^^ This.

Ruger's customer service is tops.  Over the years I've heard story after story about how Ruger either repairs or replaces broken guns, in spite of having no actual warranty.  There have also been a few instances where a gun broke from neglect or abuse and was was rejected.  Don't think for even a minute that the smiths at Ruger can't tell the difference.

If you know what you are doing, Ruger may just send you replacement parts.  If you kinda know what you are doing, Ruger will walk you through it.  If you don't know what you are doing, Ruger will probably invite you to send the defective firearm in for inspection and service at no charge.

While this probably does not apply here, since it's a minor malfunction, if Ruger replaces a handgun because it's an older model that is cheaper to replace rather than repair, the new handgun will have a new serial number and you will have to apply for  P2P.

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Thanks for the replies, I am debating sending it back to Ruger, but it looks like a really minor repair, something that I should be able to easily do. The spring may even still be there, but it may have slipped off.  I may take a look tonight and if the disassembly is as easy as it looks, I might just do it myself. 

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