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All Winchester Rifle Target 25% Off Up To $150 Rebate

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Hat tip to SGAmmo.

Huge Winchester Ammo Rebate on 5.56, 223, 300 Blackout and Other Select Calibers - 25% off up to $150 | SGAmmo.com

With supply up and prices down, it is currently the best time to buy ammo that we have seen in the past 3 years. Sam Gabbert.

The Winchester details page. Notice it's by caliber, and rifle only.

2023 Winchester Target Rifle Ammunition Rebate | Winchester Ammunition

And, an update to my previous May 12th post in this thread on the 20% rebate:

When I saw the SGAmmo email this morning, I emailed them to tell them that as of June 30 Winchester and/or their agent claimed they never received my last rebate application in the U.S. mail that I sent in six weeks previously.

Within 5 minutes Mitchell at SG emailed me back, said he checked my rebate status, that the rebate was approved as of 7/15 and that the check was on the way! I double checked, and sure enough that's what the 'lookup your rebate' page said. That despite the fact that on June 30 the rebate status was not there. So sometime in the next two weeks they 'received' it, processed it, and approved it. Bottom line: it took over eight weeks and the status was apparently not updated until they actually processed it.

So I ordered a case from SG for this rebate and thanked them for their attention.

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Another update issued today, with 25 SKUs now eligible including 7.62x51, 300 Blackout, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Winchester Ammo Rebate, New Arrivals and Other Great Deals @ SGAmmo | SGAmmo.com

@Mrs. Peel Make sure you review. Not sure what long range caliber you're using.

FYI I ordered on the 15th, and received it today. SG is now using over-boxes on their shipment, which I like on case shipments. Free shipping on $200+ orders.

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Sam G. wrote up a little guide for the Winchester rebate program.

SGAmmo’s Unofficial Guide to Understanding the Winchester Target Rifle Ammunition September Rebate | SGAmmo.com

Note that he says rebates are taking around twelve weeks to arrive, once processed. My issue with the first rebate is they didn't start 'processing' it until eight weeks after I mailed it. The second rebate they logged received in less than a week. But I'm past eight weeks now on both of them being mailed once acknowledged.

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