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New Jersey Follows California’s Lead on Unworkable Microstamping Requirements

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23 hours ago, voyager9 said:

Let’s even lower the bar.  Show me one suspect identified due to microstamping.  The whole idea of microstamping is such a snipe hunt that it would be laughable if it weren’t being pursued.   Millions to implement all the logistical, organizational, and engineering changes reduced to vapor by a $10 Dremel.  

It's all a abour feel good, we're doing something which amounts to nothing.








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10 hours ago, GRIZ said:

It's all a abour fewl good, we're doing something which amounts to nothing.








Don't mistake the sheeps motives for the politicians.  The state wants you weak, dependent, disarmed, and compliant, the Sheep allow it because of feelings. Ok I'm not sure about the last part I'm pretty sure lot of moms demand action karens like totalitarian  rule as well as the state to be the daddy.

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In my direct experience with friends, relatives and acquaintances, their aversion towards firearms is born completely out of fear. A fear curated by the Marxist media and body politic at every opportunity.  And those same people usually have no mindset to challenge, confront and overcome their fears about anything. My attempts to lift them out  of the pit have never worked.

It does however work both ways. Witness Jews afraid of guns now clamoring to buy them because they're MORE afraid of being beaten, kidnapped, killed, or worse.

Here's one classic exchange I had:

"I wouldn't trust myself with a gun."

"Would you trust yourself with a cellphone and a car?"


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