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Primers and Ammo for sale

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Primers, Ammo, and Bullets for Sale


Large Pistol, CCI MAGNUM, 3,300 available, $70/1000 or $200 for all


9 mm  1000 125 gr LRN $50

9 mm 500 115gr Winchester/Midway FMJ $40

9 mm 295 (by weight) bulk 115 gr JHP. $30

9 mm 250 RMR jacketed flat point 147 gr $25

.451  100 Hornady 185 gr JHP. $15

.451 100 Remington/Midway 185 gr JHP $15




SPF. 12 gauge Remington Gun Club 2 ¾” 1/1/8 oz #8 shot, 2 3/4 DE, 2 Flats of 10 boxes $70 ea

SPF. .22 LR   Winchester M-22. 1000 rounds, $60


First to post "I'll Take It" wins the sale.  Pics available on request. 

Pick up in Morris County, or at the Riverdale Police Pistol Team range, NJCTC trap range, or Cherry Ridge range.

Pistol ammo requires an FID.  Transfer of hollow points should take place at a range.





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5 hours ago, V8 + Pew Pews said:

I'll take 22lr and 30-06 if I can get both so the commute is worth my time. So lmk if the 22lr deal falls through 

I'll let you know.   I believe the .22 LR is getting picked up tomorrow, but if that doesn't happen for some reason,  I'll contact you.

4 hours ago, Mr.Stu said:

I'll take the 4000 large pistol primers

You've got 'em.  We'll figure out a convenient way to do the transfer.

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4 hours ago, joltitor said:

I’ll take the large rifle primers, all

OK.  We'll figure out the transfer by PM.  I'm assuming you mean all the CCI, CCI mag, and Winchester large rifle primers.

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17 hours ago, wtailnj said:

I will take the large pistol primers and 30-06 if available.

The 30-06 is available.

The large pistol primers that weren't already SPF are those below.  Can you confirm if you want all of the Tulas and all of the CCI magnum?

Large Pistol, Tula, 3,300 available, $150 for all

Large Pistol, CCI MAGNUM, 3,600 available, $70/1000 or $250 for all

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9 hours ago, folush said:

Do you ever travel to south Jersey Cherry Hill area? I would take all primers and 9mm and 357 bullets.

I'll keep this in mind, but I very rarely get down that way.  For the moment, I'm trying to make the sale fairly local.


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2 hours ago, planenut said:

Any of the 12 Gauge Remington Gun Club still available? Willing to be in for both flats if they're still available.

Sorry, both are SPF.  Being picked up this week.

3 hours ago, Ringwoodfrank said:

I’ll take the 22. PM inbound 

Win M22  22 LR SPF to Ringwoodfrank.

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