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Legality of "barrel shrouds"?

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So, I want to take on a project where I convert my AR-15 to firing 9mm. The only thing that has me concerned is a barrel I would like to try out from Taccon. It’s a 5.25” rifled barrel with a pinned and welded 10.75” aluminum shroud, therefore making the barrel 16” long. 

Here is the link.


also palmetto state armory has it on sale sometimes


i don’t see anything wrong with getting it because it’s a 16” barrel. The reason why I want this barrel is because of the 5.25 rifling doesn’t increase the velocity of the projectile compared to a barrel with 16” of rifling. 

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So, thankfully I wasn’t able to shot it semi but it’s a pretty nice bolt action AR. Because of my lower mag well and the adapter wasn’t able to bring my mag up to the chamber of the barrel for it to cycle properly . I was test firing it and the shroud acts as a forward muzzle device/flash hider. Its a pretty nice barrel tho, but I don’t wanna fix the issue unless I find a NJ  compliant pistol grip or just remove the pistol grip and selector switch all together and get some great looks from ppl. Lol

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