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Steel Targets

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Not sure if this belongs here but it has to do with making your own range!


I bought steel targets to make my own range at the property i hunt and it is a blast. I HIGHLY recommend Arntzen Targets.


Great customer service, small time steel target maker, shipment gets to your door in 3 days no matter what...bets of all GREAT prices.


here is their site:



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Aren't you afraid of that itty bitty bullet coming back and biting you in the a**.



if you get good steel targets that are milled perfectly flat there is slim to no chance the bullet will come back at you. i sometimes stand 15-20 feet from them and have never ever had a ricochet. when shooting a 9mm, 22, 380, 40 s&w the bullet just gets compacted flat and falls to the ground.


you hang them on plant hangers so they move on impact so even a ricocheting bullet will hit and fall to the ground instead of back at you

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