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ZED South Team. Check in here

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It's time for the south team to organize. The central and north teams have a head start, but we know they're a little slow. Also share your expertise. As a paramedic and an educator I am an expert in Emergency Medical Services, (Field Medicine).

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Im in for tactical/strategy lead unless someone down here is more qualified. KrdShrk can vouch for me.


- 5 years USMC, HOD as E-5

- SRT training

- EVOC Qualified (expired)

- Basic and Advanced Scout training

- Tactical CQB trained

- Strong background/foundation on Tactics for CQB and Field, no quals or certs yet (working on that)

- Expert Marksmen Qualified in the USMC with the M16A2 (50 - 500yds)

- 15+ styles of martial arts/combative arts training



- Dynamic Pistol Course

- Sig Pistol Courses

- Sig Pistol Instructor

- Urban Escape and Evasion

- Urban Survival

- Winter Scout

- Wilderness Survival

- Tracker Curriculum




Looking great so far, right off the bat we have Medical and Combat experience :D

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Coming in from the south. Yeti knows me personally.


former 68w (combat medic)

EMT w/ all the alphabet cards


Tactical Response Classes:

Fighting Pistol x2

Advanced Fighting Pistol

Fighting Rifle

HRCC: Shooting Package


I have a mix of medical and tactical knowledge. I am also a prepper and reloader.

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Ray. No offence bro but heading north is on the bottom of my priority list. Aside from north Jersey being densely populated by many people who o can't currently distinguish from zombies I fear the outbreak would originate from central/north Jersey. The way I figure it the most likely cause of a massive virus, capable of killing people and reanimating the dead, will originate from snooki's vagina. The closer people are to Seaside heights and Toms River, the more dangerous the area. I'll hang in Cape May County. With a couple tractor trailors in the right locations I can almost isolate the county thus slowing the advance of the snooki virus.

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Considering my above theory; I agree with Tosser. We the South Jersey ZED members need to organize and prepare. If we are adequately prepared we may even be able to travel norh and save our central/north brothers.

Speak out southern team!!

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All the tacticians are on Central. North is a lost cause I fear. Maybe south and central should have an allaiance. We will trade tactical planning for hot women (non zombie women only please).


Yikes, lost cause? I hope not. Plus we have Eric so that's all we really need.

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Sorry guys been away.


I am in. I will be the breacher, I like shotguns.


Training wise.... I have no military background.

I am a Geospatial and Mapping Expert. I know how to use a compass and a map.

I have Disaster Planing experience in Operations and Tactics. This will do us no good at all.

I know rappeling, camping, survival and hunting techs. But i am sure there are people that are more up to speed nowadays.

I have large scale disaster training in water and food purification techs. Might be handy once we build a fort.

Temp housing and sheltering needs, limited first aid. Common sense.

Security details in shelter areas. SHOTGUNS!

A good background in telephone operations. So we can call the zombies and taunt them... (I fart in your general direction! You mother was a hamster

and your father smelt of elderberries!)

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