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SlideFire stock - "Selectable" bump firing

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Interesting, wonder if it would be a "collapsible stock" under NJ's view.


Not sure what ranges would allow it or if I'd want to deal with all the negative attention when firing it.

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oh no.... might be going back to an AR.

Wait a minute... WTF, why is the left side of trigger well blocked off? I would not be able to use this. Lefty bias ... Lefty bias... I will sue!


Oh... there is a left handed model. Ok now I want one.

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as far as I am aware there is not a "ban" directly on the part... with that said it could IMO indirectly be considered a telescoping stock when one reads the AWB rules in a literal way..


the rules say that the following is an AW feature..


(1) A folding or telescoping stock;


the stock obviously does not fold.. but does it "telescope"?

telescoping stock is not defined so one would have to observe the normal accepted definition..



gerund or present participle: telescoping
(with reference to an object made of concentric tubular parts) slide or cause to slide into itself, so that it becomes smaller.


in that most simple definition the stock definitely is "telescoping"... there is the tube of the stock.. on the buffer tube.. and when fired the outer tube collapses over the inner tube.. literally telescoping..

the most real scenario is that the stock in itself would never be scrutinized until it rubs someone the wrong way.. it just "looks illegal" the police get involved.. and the state builds a case around it "telescoping".. they stand in a court room.. describe the AW rules.. describe the definition of telescoping.. and then proceed to describe how you are using an illegal telescoping stock to make an unregistered assault weapon capable of mimicking the shooting of a machine gun..


your chances at that point of winning are very slim as the stock does in fact "telescope"

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