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What are ya drinking?

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Tried these two at a friends home over the weekend. Posted Image

Posted Image

The Allagash white was very good, and im not much of a wheat beer drinker.

The Nosferatu isn't bad but you have to allow it to warm slightly for the body of the beer to be fully appreciated.


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The collection of brews that I have enjoyed over the past few days with friends and family...




One of my favorite Belgian Tripels.




This stuff would stain a piece of mahogany that was painted black. But oh my lord was it tasty. If you are a fan of a healthy stout, get your hands on some.




Incredibly sour nose, not so sour finish. I'm not a big fan of sours, but it was drinkable.




The most interesting beer I have ever tasted. If you dig a good cigar, you need to try some of this. It literally tastes like you have just finished a very good cuban, without tasting like tobacco. Very tasty and the feeling after you take a sip is incredible. I say again, if you like a good cigar, you MUST get your hands on some of this.




Nothing crazy, just a very tasty brew. Went well with my Thanksgiving feast.




This was my selection to go with dessert. Very pronounced nutmeg and cinnamon, mated very well with a slice of apple pie.


Happy Holidays everyone!

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OId English....lol or hobo beers as I like to call them...no shame over here haha....


seriously though...redd's apple ale. i was in that mood

I love me some Old Gold. Used to buy it by the case. Tonight I'm drinking some Willet Bourbon. I think I payed for the bottle more than the whiskey. Had to mix it with club soda. Cool bottle though.

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