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Who we are and what we do.

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www.shootnj.com 732-791-4880

Family Friendly Classes

Men, Women, Young adults and even Liberals

We are a fully insured, full time Firearms Instruction Company that offers all NRA classes in addition to other firearm classes.


We have over 13 active NRA Instructors and 3 NRA Training Counselors on our Training Team.


Classes are taught in Yardville, Fort Dix, South River and Clinton NJ.


Classes offered:

Basic Pistol, *Intermediated Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home,

Basic Rifle, *Intermediate Rifle,

Basic Shotgun, *Intermediate Shotgun,

Refuse to Be a Victim,

Range Safety Officer,

Metallic Reloading, Shotshell, Reloading,

Muzzleloading Rifle, Muzzleloadinfg Pistol, Mizzleloading Shotgun

Home Firearm safety.

*non NRA class


Instructor classes: All of the above listed NRA classes in addition to Basic Instructor Training and Chief Range Safety Officer.


We also offer Utah carry permits through Green Academy of Personal Protection



All Women Classes Offered, taught by Dawn and her all women teaching team.


Please check out our main web site for more information www.shootnj.com

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I also would like to stress that ShootNJ provides high quality courses. The attention to detail is apparent throughout ALL of their courses. They also are highly qualified individuals (Chet, Dawn,Cameron) with many of the disciplines. The courses are fun and interesting.


I have taken mostly every course that is offered, as well as the Pistol and Rifle Instructor courses.


You won't regret it - well worth the investment !



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