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Glock 21 mag release question.

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IIRC the mag release was an "ISSUE" on early G21's. I would not hesitate calling GLOCK customer service and discussing the Mag release in general with them. Be prepared to give them you serial number because they may offer to do an update or recall.

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I am a lefty and I bought the early model G21SF because of the ambi safety. As it turns out, I hated it. Because the lever protruded so far on both sides of the grip, it was easy to accidentally activate it. Also, because the G21SF grip is so large, I had to adjust my grip just to activate it. I am much happier now that I use my strong hand index finger to activate it. I don't have to shift my grip and I never hit the button by accident any more.

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    • Where is the outrage over this. How is this not all over the news. BLM really, A black police captain protecting a store from looting, gets shot and the video him dying and post it. Didn't help him, they just watched him die, No value for life. Can't they trace the posting and find these criminals.
    • Need a stock or 2 shorted for the gf, any recommendations?
    • https://www.cnjfo.com/news/9013114?fbclid=IwAR1hFh70fg4OqFuM80qMhHDt3k0Qs2aYfYsjJ7XzJI6M5N5MPOJubY8xlIo The above link takes you directly to the CNJFO website for today's news story.  From there you can read the entire accumulated depository of some of the best 2nd Amendment writing in New jersey and the entire country! Here's what I wrote as an "intro" to the original article.  The original was written 2 years ago, on the third anniversary of her murder. HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE ON THE ALTAR OF GUN CONTROL? GUN RIGHTS ARE WOMEN'S RIGHTS! NJ MUST HATE WOMEN! by Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, Editor in-Chief Black Wire Media Wednesday June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Carol "Cazzie" Bowne didn't have to die in her Berlin, NJ driveway while her newly-installed CCTV system captured it all! She was sacrificed by NJ politicians on the Altar of Gun Control. Because us mere Serfs don't deserve a fighting chance! Only the Elites do! They can CARRY their firearms while we're not "permitted due to LACK OF JUSTIFIABLE NEED"! In NJ only the DEAD qualify for a carry permit! 5 years later and we're still fighting for a Constitutionally-protected right of SELF DEFENSE! We have an idiot with a DISARMAMENT AGENDA for a Governor, along with his sidekick AG, who not only disregards the US Supreme Court requests for amicus briefs we file on cases with NJ Petitioners (Cheeseman #19-27), but also is fighting the reopening of indoor ranges that allow the very 2nd Amendment PRACTICE called for by our country's Founders in the Constitution! "Well Regulated" meant having a rifle, sufficient lead balls & powder, flints, patches, accoutrements, possibles bag, bed roll, hard tac (survival food), and be PRACTICED ENOUGH TO HIT YOUR TARGET! Ask any Constitutional Originalist and that's the answer you'll get! How many more "Cazzies" must DIE on this Altar of "FEEL-GOOD" gun control laws, which in reality, do nothing to stop crime and only assist in the needless compounded DELAYS encountered by the law-abiding residents of New Jersey? What number are YOU comfortable with, huh? And why when it comes to guns and self-protection do we not hear, "IF IT SAVES ONLY ONE LIFE"? Time to FIGHT? It starts WITH YOU! www.cnjfo.com/join-us   THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: 5 YRS & 43 DAYS AGO SHE WENT FOR A GUN PERMIT! HER NEWLY-INSTALLED CCTV CAPTURED HER MURDER! by Black Wire Media Wed. June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com Carol "Cazzie" Bowne, age 39, was stabbed to death in her own driveway in Berlin, NJ five years ago today as her newly-installed closed circuit video surveillance system captured her homicide. Her estranged boyfriend, who later hung himself, also died. This didn't have to be. 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Bowne was stabbed to death in her driveway, as she was exiting her vehicle. So she needed a gun WITH HER IN THE VEHICLE, right? Why is New Jersey so ass-backwards when it comes to women's' rights? Worse yet, in a deplorable show of anti-gun showmanship, and at a Press Conference with his new "sidekick" Attorney General, Gov. Murphy reversed an Executive Order enabling a streamlining of the time-consuming purchasing process "hoops" that need jumped-through in order to legally purchase a firearm in this state! So all of the tears, the letters that the Bowne family wrote to Gov. Christie, especially her mom's that got published in the daily newspaper of record, the Burlington County Times, they all fell on deaf ears with an AGENDA to disarm New Jerseyians instead of putting domestic violence abusers in jail where they belong and providing for victims' pursuit of self-defense! You want to know why "the gun community" is riled-up this week? 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