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How to fix a hanging up bolt

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So, my when I first got my Polish milled, it had a little quirk where if you pulled back the bolt and eased it foward it would hang up on the hammer. It was basically a poor mans bolt hold open, but with a bump it would slam shut. It wasnt terribly annoying when I was using the rifle however whenever I gave it to someone else to check out or fire, they would leave the bolt "open" and it was super annoying. I figgured this would go away after firing. Well, it fires 100% but after a few hundred rounds it continued. So...I set out to stop this annoying "feature".


This little quirk is not really uncommon and it is actually a side effect of Kalashnikovs genious design. As the bolt returns foward, it actually forces the hammer down AGAIN to make sure it is 100% caught by the trigger hook(s). unfortunatly, due to american FCGs not being exact copies of the originals, they arent always perfect. This is what I did.




The corner where the arrow points to is what is catching the bolt. I simply removed the trigger group, stuck the hammer in a vice, and knocked that corner down a LITTLE with a file. You really just have to break the corner, no further. I threw it back into the rifle and tada! It now will NOT catch no matter how hard I try. Not all hammers have this design with the corners, and I am not sure which is more original in design but for reference, here is the other style.




Hope that helps somebody out there!

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Ohhhhhhhhh so that's what's causing my PSL to do it. I'll have to take a look at it and see if I can do this.


Its actually not really possible to see if it is doing it, I just assumed that it was the problem, took a stab at it and was right. However, you cannot hurt anything by just knocking that corner down(a little!), so you may as well give it a shot. Remember, go a little, test, go a little more, test. Easier to take off than put back on lol. I got mine on the first try with about 4 strokes of the file so its not alot.

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