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Libyan Home Made Weapons

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Very cool photos, thanks for the link!


It's amazing how they are fixing, rebuilding, and reusing so many leftover weapons and such. It reminds me of the pod on CurrentTV that was about the biggest gun market in, I believe it was Pakistan or Iraq. I'm surprised Ghadhafi hasn't been killed yet, it's only a matter of time.


Look at all that ammo in #6!

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Yep that's war in 3rd world countries for you.....

The practice of putting rocket pods on a vehicle been around forever. Utterly useless :) but boy oh boy it makes you feel so good when it fires :)

F2000???? They Shud investigate how the hell those Belgium made rifles got to Libya ???? And it looks brad new too!!!!

And Christ ! How many ammo calibers they have in that army ????

Oh Toyota pickup trucks ... How many wars were and will be fought off ur beds.....

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