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See below: the NJGF circle is actually how you classify your friends. Not a group which everyone can join. At least that's my understanding of it.


You create it yourself... I have one labeled NJGF that I put all you guys into. It's not like an FB group, but it stratifies your friends into how close they are to you. This is important since it's part of the privacy aspect of Google+ where you can select which circles can see your posts, parts of your profile, etc.


For example: you have an acquaintances circle for those who aren't good friends, but people you've met, etc. You may not know them well enough to post a tirade about how much you hate NJ Gun laws and would love to own an M240B. So you can choose not to add them to posts.

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madmnk78, like DevsAdvocate said, you would have to create an NJGF circle for yourself. It would be nice if you could subscribe or link to someone else's circle. I guess another option would be for everyone to include [email protected] under the "Other names" section of your Google+ profile. Then, if someone does a search for NJGF in Google+, it would find each member.

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