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Greetings from Mcguire afb

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I've been stationed in Jersey for about a year and a half now and for the most part it's not a whole lot different from cali(where i'm from). I applied for my FPID/P2P in June and got the call yesterday to go pick it up today :danced: It took a total of 41 days for North Hanover township pd. Had no problems with them at all. I've browsed thru the forums for quite some time now and I can honestly say that i'd be lost without ya'll. My hat goes off to you guys. Hopefully soon I can put this permit to use :icon_mrgreen:

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@Ray~ I've got my eyes set on the cz sp-01 phantom... have yet to shoot it but it felt great in my hands and loved how it points. Luckily I live on base housing that's off base lol, or else i'd have to store it in the armory on base which is a firearm owners nightmare.


@Krdshrk~ Yeah I sure lucked out to get on the 17's... i'd hate to be on the c-5's :roulette: How does he like flying the 135? I love how they look.

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Welcome to the forum from Toms River and thank you for your service. I appear to be in the flight path to McGuire and love seeing the big planes flying by. On a rare occasion we see a couple of low flying A-10s or fighter jet thumb.gif

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    • I don't know that the death penalty would even work. It seems there's a weird psychology to these mass killers in that they follow a similar pattern to people who commit suicide. In other words, they often PLAN to die as part of the attack... they're killing themselves, but also trying to take a bunch of others with them (in some twisted attempt at going out in a blaze of glory, I guess?). What can you do with sickness like that? I don't think a death penalty would phase most of these people in the slightest. Harden schools, train staff repeatedly to follow the security policies, and have MUCH better, faster intervention when these guys are poppng up on the radar screen at school, at home, etc. - and of course, deprive them of their fame with greatly altered/subdued reporting - I think those are the most sensible approaches.  That said, some tiny percentage of psychopathic murderous individuals will ALWAYS be a part of society (always have been and always will be). You can't will it or wish it away entirely. And if you remove one tool from them, they'll move to another. To this day, the worst U.S. mass school killing remains the Bath School Massacre - look it up - been almost a hundred years old now and no guns were used. Determined madmen will find a way. Likewise, Australia has had plenty of mass murders since their gun ban - they just used arson and burned people to death. That's still HORRIFYING! (I don't even kill ladybugs, so this is something I can't even wrap my brain around). But, there's always going to be a few sick outliers like this. Some people propose raising the age at which young people can buy guns. I don't know about that. You have to ask yourself, are kids today so much less mature than in the 1950's? So much less responsible? And if so, why? And should we be allowed to draft them in that case? Or, let them get abortions? Or, let them take hormone blockers, etc? It opens up a whole can of worms that no one seems to want to deal with seriously.
    • i'd venture to agree with what noir said on this....if they knew it was a death sentence.......
    • SA TG, P only stock has been sanded in previous life. trades accepted. nice 590a1. shockwave 12 wood. SA M1 has 43 barrel gauging new. Receivers on these 2 are nice park with deep heel stamps and no pitting. all coming out now are heavily pitted.stock locks tight. will be a nice shooter. HRA above is almost correct. I have about 15 garands. i have a few others will cut loose. I am leaning to the early ones.
    • I disagree slightly. No anti-gun law will ever prevent people killing others, 100% agree. But if we had laws to prevent these asshats from getting publicity and a mandated death sentence. I think that would help a little.
    • Ah !  Ok then.....................  
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