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I just wanted to recommend Kurt at TRAKS Gunsmithing in Andover (near Sparta). He did a great job resurrecting my Browning BDM (see photo attached). It had a botched Aluma-Hyde II job and was just a mess. It worked but looked so bad I was embarrassed to bring it out. Now I like to just pull it out and dry fire it.


He blasted off the old finish and put 3 separate coats on it to get the matte look we wanted. And the price was too low to mention. I brought by friend who just inherited some guns and he is doing a great job for him as well (finishing and regular gunsmithing).


Plan on using Kurt whenever I can.




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So, yeah, I'm dragging this thread back to life ... cuz I'm wondering if Kurt is still Great.


Anybody have anything done recently? I have a Commander-sized S&W 1911 that needs a trigger job and some slide work....maybe even a new slide, since I'm not really into the fish scale serrations that S&W's puts on their 1911's.


Also, does he do DuraCoat? What about bluing and parkerizing?













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