FYI - DD214 and Florida CCW

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I've read various information concerning whether Florida will accept a DD214 in lieu of a Firearms Training or Hunters safety course. Some have said that it must list your firearms training on your DD214.


Contacted Florida Bureau of License Issuance via email with the following question:


Do you accept all DD214s with an HONORABLE discharge? My

DD214 is from 1981 and doesn't specifically list any firearms

training that I had.


Answer: Your DD214 is acceptable.


(As of today 10/20/2011 they accept all Honorable discharge papers ie. DD214's to fulfill the firearms safety requirement.)

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I had heard about this too, and the fact that if the DD214 doesn't list anything making the document void seemed so... backwards. DD214's list all units that we had ever been affiliated with, including Basic. On top of the required quarterly training briefs and mandatory range time, we had to pass marksmanship and safety briefs during Basic to just graduate.

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