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To the new members please update your profiles with a location. I am not talking your street address or anything specific but your county is a good start. There are a couple of WTB or WTS items right now that dont have an updated profile so nobody knows the general area. I for one know that I wont reply to a WTS or WTB thread unless the user updates their profile. For me it is a waste of time to have to keep asking where are you located. This helps with meetups and also lets other members see who is in the general area. You never know, a member on here may be your neighbor.


A couple of months ago also there was a thread in which people started updating the signature line in their profiles with their first name. This helps get a community feeling on the board and makes a little more personal experience. Please update your profiles and sit back and relax. Welcome to the NJGF community.

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For those of you that dont know how to update your profile please follow these simple directions.


1) Log into NJGF

2)Click the icon at the top right of the screen where it says your user name

3)Click the "EDIT MY PROFILE" button on the right hand side of the screen

4)When the edit profile screen comes up update the appropriate information and have a little fun with it

5)When the appropriate information is updated, click the "SAVE CHANGES" icon at the bottom of the page.



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