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Gun Safe Mover Recommendation

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Do you have cellar doors outside with steps going into your basement ?  


can you get a forklift to those steps ?


remove the steps lower the safe in on straps then you can move it from their, set it down on some pipes to roll it..


Actually I have a walkout basement, so I can just remove the sliding door to ge the safe right in, only problem is the hill to get down to the backyard from the front of the house will be a little tough with the soft ground. It will need to hand carry around the house or have a monster hand-truck.  lol

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Nice. Did you retire from your day job?


I haven't just yet but it's getting closer all the time. I did however retire my wife back on June 1st. Me I said I will stick it out to 50 because I actually do like the job I do and heck an extra 2 paychecks a month added the the other 5 and make me happy. :)

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