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GSG 522 -German Sports Gun .22 Thoughts??

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My son has one and we really enjoy shooting it. We prob have 1000+ rounds thru it. I have only had one problem with FTF's and that turned out to be a bad mag. We have never had another problem after replacing the mag. I don't remember precisely what I paid for it but $370 seems about right plus NICs' and other taxes. There are a bunch of aftermarket stuff to customize it the way you like it. So if you like the MP-5 go for it, if you like the AK GSG has a 22 to fit the bill. I think they have a 22 like an AR too. So for a .22 you should really like the GSG ones!!

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I bought one of these (GSG522SD) a few months ago - the MP5SD5 wannabe version.


Feel of the gun is generally pretty solid, except for the stock. The stock wobbles WAY too much for my taste. I've seen aftermarket ones online for around $50, and I will go for one of those sometime soon. The pistol grip on it annoys me (I'd rather have the original style, HK type smooth grip with HK style selector), but that's a personal thing and I believe I can change that out as well. It's not uncomfortable, the grip just looks kinda stupid compared to the previous generation ones (pre-lawsuit).


The rifle sights are OK at best, at least for me. I attached a really cheap 4x ACOG-style scope I had from an airsoft gun, and it zeroed and has held zero so far. With the scope, I'm hitting where I want pretty much every shot as long as I hold up on my end.


I've put at least 700 rounds through mine so far. The rifle is perfectly happy with cheap bulk remington and federal ammo, anything ~1200fps+. I have tried various types of ammo ~1200fps and above, and it's seemed to be happy with everything (other than some horrible bulk Federal that none of my guns like). It obviously won't cycle with the 710fps CCI subsonic ammo (not that I would have expected it to) that I've tried in it, but that was just a test to see how it'd do with that ammo. It does like CCI minimags and stingers, but when it does exactly the same thing with the cheap bulk ammo, it is hard to justify the [slight] cost increase for the higher-end ammo.


Someone mentioned some of the nuts coming loose, and that does seem to be a common problem. Some locktite, the type that can be removed, is a good idea. I just picked some up for my 522, though I have not applied it yet. I have had a few nuts come loose on me, thankfully I haven't lost any pieces yet.


Cleaning requires a tad more disassembly than I'd like (though I may be spoiled by all my other, simple/tool-less disassembly guns), but isn't really too bad. The spring for the mag safety can come out easily when the gun is disassembled, so be aware of that.


I haven't had any real issues with the gun, other than the nuts coming loose/off. Any FTFs I've had related to cheap Federal bulk ammo that I bought 2 boxes of (the 525rd packs with the dark copper coating), which have issues in all 3 other .22s I have as well, in other words, bad ammo, not a bad gun.


I also haven't had issues with the magazines - I have 3x 10rd mags currently. There are rumored to be 15rd mags out there, but I have never found any - only the 10 and 22rd mags. Cheaperthandirt has a 2 pack of the 10s for a decent price, that's where I picked mine up. http://www.hotgunpar...arts/Categories has a bunch of parts for the 522s including mags, but I have not ordered from them before, so I cannot vouch for them.


I paid about $464 for the gun, NCIS, and tax.


Overall, I've been pretty happy with mine. I'm not entirely sure how long it will hold up, but so far, I'm happy so far. As long as I maintain the gun well, I expect it to hold up for a while.


Edited: forgot to add a few minor things

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Any idea where? I've looked for a while, and places all mention that they're coming out, but I have not actually found any in stock so far.

I picked up the ones I have at the King of Prussia, PA gun shows some time back, maybe 2 years ago. They're around, but scarce. Quick Google search, found a site that has modified to 15 round mags Click here. Keep searching on Google too.

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