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Sayreville Shooter

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Is that your callsign? I was interested in becoming an operator but was never able to get to the meetings with my work schedule. My forum name is part of my last name and my badge number.


Yup my call sign, and if you read the study guide and know it well, take a couple practice tests, I think they have them online, maybe some free ones by now, but there was a pretty cheap site that had all the tests and learning tools to get you ready to take the actual test. They are really good and after you know the material and think you can ace it, find one of the testing facilities that work with your schedule. Took me all of 3 hours one day to do the test for mu license and that was at a place that was 1 hour away. I probably have some info around if you might still be interested.


Also, if you have shot the indoor Friday night USPSA light matches on the 1st or 3rd Friday of the month we have probably meet.

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