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Walther PPQ

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10 weeks on


I've now owned my PPQ for 10 weeks and put through close to 3000 rounds. So I've included below an update on my initial review including thoughts on what I like, what I would change etc after having the PPQ for a while.


Reliability - 10/10


The PPQ has been 100% reliable, whether it is using magazines dropped in wet mud, different brands and types of ammunition, shooting 600 rounds in a day without cleaning etc while on GunForHire Urban Pistol courses. It has not skipped a beat. This includes shooting in 16 degrees (Fahrenheit) to 70+ degrees. I use Slide-Glide and Shooter's Choice to lubricate the PPQ. I am fairly liberal in applying the grease to the rails etc.


The one failure I had was the first time trying to shoot one handed (weak hand) where I limp-wristed - this was absolutely user induced and all subsequent one handed shooting has been fine having used proper technique. I have shot the following ammunition brands/weights in my PPQ without issues.




CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger: 115gr FMJ (5200)

Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ (AE9AP)

Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger: 147gr FMJ FP (AE9FP)

Remington UMC 9mm Luger: 115gr FMJ (L9MM3)

Remington UMC 9mm Luger: 115gr FNEB Leadless (LL9MM11)

Remingtron UMC 9mm Luger: 147gr FMJ (L9MM9)

Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger: 115gr FMJ (V310452)

Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ (V310492)

Speer Lawman 9mm Luger: 115gr FMJ (53615)

Speer Lawman 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ (53616)

Speer Lawman 9mm Luger: 147gr TMJ FN (53620)

Winchester Ranger 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ NATO (RA9124N)

Winchester USA 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ NATO (Q4318)



Federal Classic 9mm Luger: 147gr Hi-Shok JHP (9MS)


Speer Gold Dot 9mm: 124gr +P Hollow Point (23617)

Speer Gold Dot LE 9mm: 124gr +P Hollow Point (53617)


Ergonomics - 8/10


The design of the grip etc is very ergonomic. I've yet to meet anyone who has tried my PPQ and not commented positively on the ergonomics. There are 3 replaceable backstraps (I use the medium size), however to switch between backstraps you will need to tap out the backstrap pin (hence the dropping in score of 1 point). I actually used the PPQ for a couple of weeks without the backstrap pin so I could try the different backstraps. There were no issues, and the backstraps remained in-place without the pin. In reality, once you decide which backstrap you like you are unlikely to be switching between backstraps so the fact you need to tap out a pin is not a significant concern.


Some modern firearms also have replaceable sides on the grip for the 'perfect fit.' To be honest I'm not entirely sure that is necessary for most people, however it would allow the user to add additional stippling (see below) to the replaceable grip parts in a less risky way (i.e. if they stuff it up they can just buy a new backstrap/sidestrap).


The texture on the grip is fairly gentle, which is good if you are carrying the PPQ IWB as it does not irritate your skin. For most people it will provide just the right amount of grip however I find that when shooting indoors in a warm range, my hands sweat and I would like to have somewhat more grip (e.g. like the Hogue G10 checkered grips on my P226). I can't risk adding some additional stippling in case I mess up the grip. Hence I'm dropping 1 additional point from the score as a result of wishing a little more grip texture and also some competing firearms have interchangeable side grips. Remember, in a high stress situation (if you are carrying the PPQ) you may wish to have a little extra grip.


The magazine release is a lever on the trigger guard rather than a button. I much prefer the PPQ magazine release. It means I don't need to change my grip and it is also ambidextrous. I typically use my middle finger on my strong hand to drop the magazine although I can also use my trigger finger. In fact all controls are ambidextrous which is a big plus for the PPQ if using it as a defense/carry firearm (if you are injured) or if you are a southpaw.


The sights can be replaced without the need for a sight pusher, so you can do it yourself at home in less than 5 minutes. That is a nice change compared to some of my other firearms. Also the take down of the firearm is very quick and easy. No need to chase springs, bushings and other items around the room unlike some firearms :gaming:


Fit and Finish 8/10


Overall quality and fit & finish are high. There have been some reported issues with Smith & Wesson messing up the fitting of the night sights on the First Edition however this is not an underlying issue with Walther or the PPQ. The quality seems high, the workmanship seems solid. On my PPQ there is 1-2mm sideways movement at the front of the slide/frame, although the rear of the slide/frame is tight. The fit of the barrel to the slide is tight, so there seems to be no impact to accuracy. Some pistol brand/models have tight tolerances, some do not. I believe this is manufactured this way by design to increase reliability in the field. Others have also reported the front 'wiggle' although none have stated it has impacted accuracy.


There have been a couple of forum posts about slide blemishes, I am assuming this is related to a small batch of PPQs as seems very limited in number. My slide has some holster wear from my Kydex holsters however the PPQ still looks as new even though it has been given a fairly tough workout.


The loaded chamber indicator is useless. It is based upon the extractor being pushed outwards and showing a red/orange color at its rear. In my experience when a round is loaded in the chamber the extractor does not move enough to show the red/orange. While I don't ever rely on a loaded chamber indicator it does seem more of an after thought.


If I compare the fit/finish to my Ed Brown 1911 then there are obvious differences, hence the 8/10 score. The quality is higher than I would expect for a $500-$600 striker fired plastic firearm.


Trigger - 8/10


While the trigger was a little gritty for the first 300 rounds, it has now become well worn in and breaks crisply. It is the best striker fired trigger I have found having shot Glocks, Springfield XDs, M&Ps (non-Apex), etc hence the 8/10 score. It doesn't compare to a single action premium 1911 etc however it would be an unfair to expect it to.


The trigger reset is very short, and be warned that if you're not used to it you may need a few practices to not accidently double tap. The reset is audible and tactile so is easy to know when the trigger has reset.


The trigger weight is around 5.6lbs.


Availability of Accessories (light/holster/sights) - 4/10


This is the real issue for the PPQ. There are very limited accessories.


Sights - Trijicon Bright & Tough (WP01) and Meprolights night sights are pretty much your only options currently and cost around $80-$100. The P99 sights fit the PPQ. If you like Heine 8s etc then you're out of luck and this limited sight support is a real shame. A big plus is you can fit the sights yourself in 5 minutes without any specialist tools such as a sight pusher.


Holsters - Definitely improving now with a variety of brands including Theis (IWB hybrid), PJHolster (Kydex), Raven Concealment (Kydex), Kaluban Cloak (Kydex), DeSantis (Leather), Crossbreed SuperTuck (IWB hybrid), TTGunLeather (Leather) to name a few. You will be able to find a holster that works for you, albeit some of the big name holster manufacturers are still not supporting the PPQ. Some (and only some) P99 holsters fit the PPQ.


Magazines - 10, 15 and 17 rounds available in 9mm. Walther magazines are expensive ($50+) however the Magnum Research MAGFA915 fit and work fine and are around $30-$35 each.


Some parts are interchangeable with the P99, however in general there are limited aftermarket options.


As the PPQ is proving to be popular and has had positive reviews on YouTube etc, we will hopefully see more accessory manufacturers coming onboard and supporting the PPQ. We are already seeing this with Holsters.



Calibers - 5/10


Only in 9mm and .40 caliber. Walther is unlikely to make a .45 or other calibers based on past history with the P99 etc.


Available Models - 5/10

  • Standard Model - Currently only a full size 9mm and 40 caliber which are about the size of a Glock 19.
  • First Edition - standard model (9mm only) with threaded barrel, a 17 round magazine and night sights
  • Compact Model - not currently available however as Walther made a compact version of the P99 it is reasonably likely we will see a compact version of the PPQ.
  • Longslide Model - There is unlikely to be a long slide version of the PPQ.

Price & Value - 9/10


Since I bought my PPQ they have reduced in price by $200 :icon_cry: (however even at $700 I was happy with the price). You can buy a PPQ for between $485 and $525 currently. In the box comes 2x15 round magazines, a magazine loader, a test target and spent shells and the PPQ itself. For this price it is an absolute bargain and if we didn't have to jump through so many hoops in NJ I would buy another PPQ - i.e. so I would have 2.




I use my PPQ for home defense where it has my Viridian C5L light/laser and hollow points. This is a perfect use for the PPQ. I also find the PPQ easy to conceal carry IWB even with my relatively slim build using the Theis holster.


Final Verdict - 9/10


Considering that I spent more than the price of a PPQ to improve my Sig P226 trigger, and that for the price of my Ed Brown I could buy 6 PPQs I have to say it is a bargain.


The only thing I would change about the PPQ would be to add a bit more aggressive texture to the grip, however most people I am sure will be fine with how it currently is.


The PPQ is my go-to firearm, if I could only choose 1 pistol to have it would be the PPQ, which is impressive as it is by far my cheapest firearm.


After 10 weeks of ownership and 3000 rounds I have no regrets and remain more than impressed with the Walther PPQ.


I look forward to seeing how the next couple of years unfold and whether we see a compact version (which would be good for summer carry) and whether we'll see more accessories from 3rd parties becoming available.










DeSantis Speed Scabbard - OWB Leather




PJHolster - OWB Kydex




Theis - IWB Hybrid




Kaluban Cloak - OWB Kydex




Viridian C5L Light/Laser




Trijicon Night Sights



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Great review. Regarding available models, the German web site shows a Navy model, but I never saw it on any of the US dealer web sites that I looked at.




I've not seen the Navy model for sale in the US either. However unless you are planning to take your PPQ underwater I don't see the benefit of owning one (other than for the unique factor) based on the description of the changes. I believe I did come across a couple of US websites that do list them with a price so maybe it is possible to get hold of them if you really wanted one.



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I give the OP and review a 10/10


thank you Deni and others who've commented. I appreciate the positive feedback. I've tried to keep the reviews factual and useful to others since the PPQ is not easy to find as a rental to try.



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So, Wombat, how about sharing that employee discount of yours? Cheers, mate :drinks:


I wish I did get commission or discounts! I am considering buying another PPQ for myself though, one for carry and one for the home (with the tac light attached).


Any news on this gun for uspsa and idpa production classes


no idea on this one. I will start trying competitions in March however I will use my Sig P226 at first (may switch to PPQ at a later date).



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S&W has not sent in the paperwork to get the process started on getting it accepted into production class, It most likely wont be for a while, the only thing comp wise I could see someone getting to use the PPQ is steel challenges.


Having had mine for over a month now, as far as poly striker fire guns go its at the top in my book. It is the gun I am most accurate with and beating out my sig 229EE and my Beretta PX4, one of my best gun purchases for sure.

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I know the PPQ is not on the approved list right now, so Level I & II matches would be a no go, however would local Level III matches really turn a shooter away if that's all they had. I didn't see anything that would immediately disqualify the PPQ from Production class other than paperwork between the manufacturer and USPSA..

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I dont get it.


Me neither, people won't buy a gun because it would put it in a different division or catagory for "gun games". WTF, it's a defensive 9mm. Leave it at that!

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I get what you are both saying and both make sense. I usually buy things that I may or may not be able or want to carry off-duty. However I wanted a Glock 34 just for shooting steel and IDPA. I have my off-duties that are Glocks but I dont want to shoot them in Competition. They are relegated for a purpose. However I wont just buy a gun for a certain class either.

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