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K'nex are for older kids (think Lego Technix) but they're made in America.


Not exactly......

For K'Nex, most pieces of the K'Nex sets are made in the USA. However, package labeling says that "special components are made in China." We searched several products to find that only the K'Nex Value Tubs do not have the "special components" label. Other sites have said that K'Nex is made in the USA, however for us to consider a product China-free, it must not have any parts or pieces made in China. In general, we found that any K'Nex product that had a motor or electronic pieces had the "special components" label

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This site has a list of American-made toy manufacturers.


Edited - wrong link :)


Great link, Nick. From there, I followed another link to the All American Toy Company.


Very expensive, but I would rather buy one great toy than keep filling bins with junk toys that they'll only play with for five minutes.

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The Alyenz Invasion is a pretty hot concept now in Germany in Italy. Not so sure if this one exists in the US but that's pretty nice.

Kids play with some Alyenz figurines diving into Galactic Slimy to get more power. Those Alyenz are in tubes with lightning and turning effects, that's very cool.


Alyenz Invasion and their Galactic Slimy



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