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North East Shooters Summit 2012

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See attached flyer.



Summit 2012 Instructors

Rob Pincus - Combat Focus Shooting = handgun

Southnarc - Managing Unknown Contacts

Claude Werner - Snubbies

Paul Gomez - AK

Chris Fry - Bilateral and Support Hand Only Pistol

Wes Doss - Shotgun

Kelly Verden - AR

William April - Violent Actors

Bill Lewitt - Tactical Medicine



I know of at least three of us that are going. Anyone else? It looks to be an awesome opportunity to train with a variety of well known and respected trainers at a great price. Hotels are about $90 a night and it's only a 6hour drive.


Where else are you going to get Two FULL days of training and an evening class for $270!

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I am looking forward to this!


I attended a similar event last year (the Mid-Atlantic Training Conference) and it was well worthwhile. You get to checkout an amazing number of trainers/classes for very little $ (even when you factor in hotel/travel it is cheaper than a lot of what is offered in NJ).


Here is a review of last year's Mid-Atlantic Training Conference written by Rob Pincus: http://www.downrange...e-success/6387/, and some good pictures/videos taken by an attendee: http://byrong.com/MATC2010/.



For all of you shooting Federal's EFMJ loads you may want to check out how they performed in actual gel tests at the conference http://byrong.com/MA...0-BallisticGel/. I was present for the testing, but I will prompt Cameron of GAPP for some more input as the powerball and EFMJ loads were fired by him through his gun.

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Thanks for the heads up Joel. The conference is a great two days of training... I trained with my handgun, AR, AK, and unarmed self defense in 2 and 4 hour blocks all with nationally (and some internationally) known trainers. if I can move some things around, Ill be going to this conference as well.


On day one, I had the opportunity to shoot my personal protection gun and ammunition into ballistic gel. At the time, my carry gun is a Kimber Ultra Carry chambered in 9mm and I carried two types of ammunition.... Federal Expanding Full Metal Jacket in one mag and Corbon Powerball in another. The test mimiced the standard FBI ballistic test (10 feet away through 4 layers of denim) and it was a real eye opener for me. My first shot was Federal EFMJ and I was very disappointed in the results... 20 inches of penetration and vertually no expansion of the bullet head. My second shot was Corbon Powerball and I was happy to see it performed exactly how a personal protection round should... just over 13 inches of penetration with full expansion of the bullet. If you look on the link Joel supplied http://byrong.com/MATC2010/ the two bullets in the bottom picture are mine and its easy to tell which is which. Joel and I talked about the test on the ride home and we think the poor performance of the Federal EFMJ was due to the short barrel length (3.125 inches on the Kimber Ultra Carry)... the round was probably designed to be fired from a full size barrel. Lesson learned the easy way on part... I carry Powerball exclusively now.

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I took the trip to Pelham,NH last year and came back exhausted and with a smile on my face.Seminars were typically in 2 hour blocks with little time in between so it was pretty much non-stop shooting, or grappling (Southnarc), Chris and his AR course (Chris is working with pistol this time), Claude and Snubby training, Bill Aprill was an eye-opener and his dealing with Violent Actors session - and much much more.


As Tosser has mentioned, having this amount of training in 2+ days for the price is an incredible bargain and to spend it with like minds makes it that much better.


See you guys there !

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When I traveled to the one in VA, no firearms were supplied.


Ed, it looks like you and I are riding together.... unless you feel like going solo. We'll work out travel arrangements when the date gets closer.

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Are firearms provided for any part where you may not own a particular type of firearm?

It sounds like a worthy weekend and I will be considering it.


There was a post in their forum saying no they do not offer loaner guns. Might try and make arrangements with someone going.

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There were two vehicles full of what became known as the "Jersey Crew" who drove up to Pelham NH for the NE Shooters Summit 2012.




Night One:

Bill Lewitt: RN and CCEMT-P. Published in SWAT and provides training to both US Soldiers and contractors prior to deploying. (see link)


This was a 4hour course block on the application of hemostatic agents and "tactical" medicine. We used rear quarters of pigs (that were shot with various pistol and rifle rounds) that were catheterized to simulate blood flow. This was a VERY effective way to learn to use quick-clot/Celox.


Day Two:


Wess Doss: Former director of training at Crimson Trace and Brownells. 20+ years of military and LEO experience.


Shotgun: Personally I hate the shotgun; its big, heavy, and slow to reload. In this class we used about 150rds of birdshot on Steel. We fired form various positions and were instructed on various methods of reloading.



Claude Werner Form Army SF Captan, Chief Instructor at Rogers Shooting School and IDPA grand master.


J-Frame: I have a J-Frame and came to this course knowing very little about how to "run" the pistol. We worked on various carry methods, reloads, reload devices etc. Mr. Werner has a very calm demeanor about him and his teaching style is very different than any other firearms instructor I have taken training from. There was some very helpful teaching points on how to work the J-Frame trigger and his method of reloading. I will defiantly take a class from Claude if he is in the area.


Chris Frye "Regular Guy" who has logged tons of training. Chris comes from the civilian perspective of training. I have taken many classes from Chris in the past and plan to continue.


One Handed Pistol Manipulations: We all like to go to the range and practice things we are good at... and one handed pistol manipulations is something I personally never practice. I got really caught up on some what I like to call WTF pistol malfunctions. (note it's a mother f'er to rip a mag out of glock using only one hand.) We worked on various methods to clear one handed malfunctions some of which were new to me. Tap Rack takes on a new meaning with one hand, ripping the magazine out makes things even more fun. Try locking your slide to the rear with one hand under stress....



Kelly Venden: Former Delta (google him), currently training deploying troops. I will DEFINATLY take a class from Kelly in the future. His style was refreshing.


AR: In this course we started with some close range work utilizing Sight-Bore offset. We advanced to utilizing cover (using cover as a stabilization platform to long range or precision shots vs not crowding cover) and culminated with moving and shooting. Thats right- in a 2 hour block we were moving a shooting and everyone was making hits.


Day Three:

Rob Pincus: PDN and Combat Focus Shooting. Former Military and LEO. I think most people know who he is.


Pistol: In Rob's class we working on finding the balance between speed and precision. Alternating from small 3" circles to 8" boxes and utilizing various speeds to push ourselves. Rob teaches a different style of reload from the high ready vs in your "Work Space" his rationale for this makes sense. We also focused on the concept of assessment. Some very enlightening thoughts on what to do in a critical incident. There was good mindset discussion. Through out this course Rob personally coached several people and a marked improvement was noted. He may or may not have launched someone's mag across the range once or twice and busted on non-striker fired pistols. I will train with Rob again in the further.



Paul Gomez Former mil and leo. Former employee of a couple big name instructors.


AK: This course covered MANY aspects of the AK weapon. There were some very good "teaching moments" with various malfunctions. Some of these malfunction clearance techniques were new to me. Gomez is an outside of the box and innovative instructor.



Southnarc Former mil and LEO. Truly and innovator in realistic training.


MUC- Managing Unknown Contacts: This block was all about how NOT to get into a gun fight, and if you do to put you in a position of advantage. This segment is to much to cover via written review. Everyone who is serious about self-defense should take this course. It covered things such as ques people give off to show they are deceptive and movement techniques. I can not stress this enough- TAKE THIS CLASS, it will save your LIFE.



William Aprill PHD. Psychologist.


Violent Criminal Actors: Why criminals do what the do and victim selection. You need to know what this wrong doers look for to be able to adapt and not be a victim. This course was VERY interesting and was mostly all new content for me. This also goes into the category of classes that people who are serious about self defense NEED to take.




This is just a nut shell of of what was covered in all of these classes. I'm sure I missed some things.



Total Cost for all of this was: $400 for 2.5 days of training. (includes lodging, fuel, and entrance costs)


One dynamic that makes this conference setting awesome is the "hanging out" with the instructors during lunch, dinner, cocktails and in between classes. Questions are asked and answered by the instructors at all times. You also get the ability to listen and partake in the discuss amongst the trainers. All the trainers were auditing each others courses. These guys all had the desire to perpetually learn and enhance there content. This wasn't anywhere near an NRA class. They followed a rough outline of a course but that was adapted as class went on depending on skill level of the people in the course.


Summits are a great place to "test drive" a bunch of great instructors to see if you want to take a complete class with them. I HIGHLY recommend attending any you can so you can diversify your training and not stick to the same old guy for EVERYTHING training related.



Rounds Fired: (low estimates)

Shotgun: 150

Pistol: 300

Rifle: AR: 150 AK: 150



Some Pictures: (I was too busy either loading mags or listening to take a lot)




Catheterized Pig











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Nick, you were spot-on on the review


Really enjoyed the variety of training with top notch instruction and hanging with all you guys.


Ed, I liked training and the evening hang-outs with you. I hope we can train together more in the future.

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I really enjoyed the summit as well, and I think Nick gave a pretty good overview.


The thing that impressed me the most is the camaraderie. Every instructor who was not teaching was either auditing, or helping with, another instructor’s class. This really helped as each instructor knew what had already been covered, and didn’t need to waste time covering it again. This allowed Kelly Venden, whose class was at the end of Saturday, to get an amazing amount covered in a two hour class. I would have never thought that we would be moving to cover, then shooting bilaterally around it in a two hour class!


The close interaction between the instructors and students did not end on the range, but carried on throughout the weekend at the hotel, meals, etc.


The range was also great for this type of event as they had a large clubhouse for the few classroom portions/lunch, and several pits so multiple live fire classes could be conducted safely at the same time.


The goodie bag was also a very pleasant surprise, and I think I did a little better than Nick, as mine had over $100 worth of stuff, including a couple of Gen III Fastmags, and my shirt was even in my size!

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