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Daily humor thread

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47 minutes ago, Ray Ray said:

Okay, why?  It doesn't make any sense.  And it isn't funny.  The OP should remove it.

It’s more of a pilot joke than a gun joke.  When you fly with an FAA examiner (and you have to, to earn any type of pilot certificate), you will lose an engine.  At least once.  Same thing happens when you fly with an instructor for a flight review.  You will lose an engine.  It’s something they test you on constantly.  Even, apparently, if you are Santa

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On 12/26/2018 at 6:35 PM, Mr.Stu said:

It was really a bunch or British Colonials who went to kick the asses of some other British Colonials. They didn't become Americans until later.

Im pretty sure the Declaration of Independence was signed a few months  before Washington's crossing. 

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1 hour ago, High Exposure said:

Excellent point. Apologies to anyone that is offended by my insensitivity.

I’m so traumatized that I need to retreat into my safe space.   I think maybe Port 4 at Riverdale. 

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I got a chuckle out of some of these...


Top 10 Reasons why guns are better than women

10) You can trade an old 44 for a new 22

9) You can have one gun for home and another one on the road

8) A friend would let you try out his gun if you asked him

7) Your primary gun doesn't care if you keep another gun on the side

6) A gun will not run leave you if you run out of ammo

5) A gun doesn't need a walk-in closet

4) A gun will function normally each and every day of the month

3) A gun doesn't ask, "Does this holster make me look fat"

2) A gun doesn't care if you fall asleep after you use it

1) You can buy a silencer for a gun.


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Well here's another version courtesy of my stepdaughter:

10 Reasons why guns are better than men:

10. Guns don't have problems with gas ... Nor do they hog the remote ... Nor the computer!

9. We can get a bigger one or one that has better options whenever we want without being called a slut.

8. It always works, even while the Superbowl is on.

7. It doesn't care that you gained 10 lbs.

6. They never drink too much and embarrass you.

5. Guns do what you want them to do at ALL times, and don’t have to be asked twice!

4. You don't have to dress up for your gun.

3. Guns won’t ask you if it’s bigger than all other guns you’ve had. 

2. Guns don't get tired after shooting a few times.

And the number one reason guns are better than men……

1. Guns satisfy every time! 

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