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    • By njJoniGuy
      Longtime resident Lady Liberty, age 236 was struck by a stolen Chevy Volt last night along the interstate. The driver and passengers, illegally in the US from their native countries across the world, then dragged Ms. Liberty into the woods and brutally sodomized her before heading to the local polling place where they registered using the names of Supreme Court justices and voted without being challenged by UN poll watchers.
      Authorities found them around the corner, each with a large supply of newly legalized recreational marijuana, getting high. They were taken into custody and released a short time later with a kiss on each cheek and a prepaid gift card for WaWa to handle the munchies.
      Ms. Liberty is in extremely critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, and doctors are very wary of her chances of recovery. A crowd of zombie-like citizens are already gathered at the Liberty residence, preparing to loot it of valuables when she succumbs to her injuries or the Death Panel declares her worthless and pulls the plug.
    • By DBCooper
      These guys know how to party...
    • By Maksim
      Why not an offshoot...
      Been meaning to start thread a few days ago, after dry firing, I was trying to copy a link from youtube to chat....
      You know you play too many gun games (uspsa/idpa) when you...
      ...double tap the Control + C twice before pasting the link.
    • By njJoniGuy
      Cross posted from the nationalmatch site
    • By njJoniGuy
      with link to their overall humor section
      such as:
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    • I would call the people your submitting the info to. I was one of  my son's reference info for firearms ID & pistol permits. Yes Im his Dad. He did all online applications.  It said nothing on the form about relatives "not qualifying" as a reference.   He has received his Firearms ID CARD & Pistol permits for NJ Look at the online form it should contain instructions
    • Both my NJ and PA FFLs are members of the Gallery Of Guns network. So I've frequently used them if, for nothing else, get pricing. And of course for ordering if the price is right. Somewhere in a post last week I mentioned GoG being out of stock on a lot. So I decided to check back today. I searched for semi-auto pistols in stock, period. Here's what I found: Beretta - 0 CZ - 3 P10s and one Shadow at $2K Glock - 0 H&K - 0 Kimber - 0 (for some reason Type is not available for Kimber, so I assume it includes revolvers) Sig - 0 S&W - only Victorys in .22 That's a lot less than even slim pickings. The I searched on Gun Broker for a Glock 21 Gen4. There was ONE listed, at a starting bid of $800. That's 35% more than I paid for my last one. If anyone would like to add info on popular guns they do or don't find in stock somewhere, feel free. I think it's going to be like this (or worse if possible) all the way through the election. And then, if by some act of Satan Biden wins (and can still speak), it will remain this way in perpetuity. Also, if anyone has actual info on current factory production numbers at the other end of the pipe, I'd like to know what they are.
    • For clarity, you mean 5.56 (note the decimal place) as this caliber allows you to shoot both.  You can shoot .223 in a firearm chambered for 5.56 but not vice versa, so then it's 5.56 you want to build here.
    • Models suggesting a big hit, pretty fast.   Shrug.   All I'm saying is be ready if you need to.  A wobble either way gives us more wind or more rain.   Gusts up to 70 with a lot of water.  This isn't another Sandy or Irene.   It could however mimic a Floyd or maybe Lee?  I dunno.  It's going to be here in 24 hours and dump some water.   Best not to be surprised by it is all.      
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