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Daily humor thread

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    • By njJoniGuy
      Longtime resident Lady Liberty, age 236 was struck by a stolen Chevy Volt last night along the interstate. The driver and passengers, illegally in the US from their native countries across the world, then dragged Ms. Liberty into the woods and brutally sodomized her before heading to the local polling place where they registered using the names of Supreme Court justices and voted without being challenged by UN poll watchers.
      Authorities found them around the corner, each with a large supply of newly legalized recreational marijuana, getting high. They were taken into custody and released a short time later with a kiss on each cheek and a prepaid gift card for WaWa to handle the munchies.
      Ms. Liberty is in extremely critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, and doctors are very wary of her chances of recovery. A crowd of zombie-like citizens are already gathered at the Liberty residence, preparing to loot it of valuables when she succumbs to her injuries or the Death Panel declares her worthless and pulls the plug.
    • By DBCooper
      These guys know how to party...
    • By Maksim
      Why not an offshoot...
      Been meaning to start thread a few days ago, after dry firing, I was trying to copy a link from youtube to chat....
      You know you play too many gun games (uspsa/idpa) when you...
      ...double tap the Control + C twice before pasting the link.
    • By njJoniGuy
      Cross posted from the nationalmatch site
    • By njJoniGuy
      with link to their overall humor section
      such as:
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    • A good friend of mine is looking for a ‘new’ daily driver, and has found what he’s looking for on Carvana.  Anyone ever buy from them before? Apparently they have a 7 day no questions asked return policy.  He lives in Md, and the car he’s looking at is in Central Texas. It’s a 2017, with like 2000 miles on it. They deliver the car to your door, from wherever it’s located. No hassle, no haggle pricing. The price on this particular vehicle is a really decent deal.    Personally, I’m a bit leery of buying something I’ve not laid eyes on, but the aspect of an insanely low mileage car, the transferable factory warranty, and no questions asked 7 day return policy is a little intriguing.    What’s your experience with them?
    • That should be easy.  Call Nappen at his office on Monday. http://www.efnappen.com/
    • Let me know and thx Yup. Had both, kept lmt. 
    • while the points stand, i'm gonna say that convo never happened. it's one of those articles that's written to make people think it happened.
    • They will enforce whatever orders they receive..their pensions, their income depend on squashing you, the citizen. We are and have been a totalitarian state for quite some time.  The moment our law enforcement became militarized, that is the time we had the tipping point. Today's law enforcement is not the law enforcement of the 50 60 70 or even 80s... There are those, and i know a few current and retired that would not execute such and order, but i see some, both active and retired - that thinking you the citizen, armed is a very bad thing.  Remember it is brothers before others... Everyone should remember Nuremberg, following orders is not a defense...but prior to the trials, they did with vigor. Trust no one but your immediate circle...and know we will all be judged in the coming days, and will be forced to make some very hard choices. But there is right and wrong, it is black and white, there is no gray.    
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