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2 hours ago, DirtyDigz said:

Thanks.  Now I can't get "Nooooooot Hill-a-reeeeeeeeee" out of my head.

So honestly, is that more annoying than her laugh?

In the future those two sound bites will be used as repetitive audio clips to assist in breaking down prisoners of war.

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4 minutes ago, 45Doll said:

So honestly, is that more annoying than her laugh?

In the future those two sound bites will be used as repetitive audio clips to assist in breaking down prisoners of war.

I’d rather be water boarded than have to look at her, or hear her voice. 

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    • I can't buy a Turkish gun, but I would love one.  Maybe a used Beretta.
    • Nice work Virginia!  They accomplished something we have been incapable of here in NJ:  Stopping an out of control Democratic majority hell bent on stripping 2A rights. 
    • @High Exposure: Now that I have put 200+ rounds through my “Frankenstine” modified Glock 17, Gen4, I realize that your point about making too many modifications at once can be problematic in diagnosing separate issues and problems that requires tweaking.  During this testing on the range, I discovered that the Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell really did not work as advertised and would occasionally, (approximately once every five times), prevent a secure set connection of my loaded magazine inside within the receiver grip.  So I just removed the Magwel.  Also, it was apparent very early on that the Chambermax TA-1 charging handle was impeding the full sliding back and forth action of the slide when firing the gun, preventing the slide from returning to its loaded and ready position.  I also removed it and put the original slide cover plate back on.  I have now placed a purchase order online for the Vickers Tactical Slide Racker GSR-03, to take its place, which I hope works better and will ultimately make racking the slide easier with the Aimpoint ACRO red dot on top of it. The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 red dot sight is cool and once zeroed, makes accurately aiming at a distance over 10 yards quicker than just using the iron, (Trijicon Suppressor Night Sights).  It does make the handgun much bulkier than without it.  While I am glad that I did this addition, satisfying my curiosity, as well as joining the contingent of gun owners who are jumping on the growing bandwagon trend towards adding a red dot sight to a handgun, it also has been quite a learning experience.  As I stated in an earlier post, my modified Glock is intended to be used as a recreational gun to be used for target practice and not as a basic, dependable firearm for home/personal defense.  In my opinion, other than being an added benefit for competitive gun events, I think that the red dot sights on handguns may be somewhat of a fad or novelty as a new technological tool.  The fact that it requires batteries is just one more thing that needs to be monitored and serviced. From what I have read, I understand that for almost all personal/home defense scenarios, the range between you and the threat will be less than 15 yards (45 ft).  At that distance, along with the adrenaline induced awareness/tenseness and accelerated quickness of a required response, I believe that just using the iron sights would be sufficient for aiming.  At a closer range, say 10 yards or less, one may not really even use the sights in what presumably would be a very quick reaction time of pointing and shooting at the center of mass of the threatening person.  IMHO, the red dot sights make far more sense on a rifle where the target is at a distance of over 25 yards or more. AVB-AMG
    • i'm one of those ones without actual data. what i do have however is what i see with my own 2 eyes when customers come in. when the customer opens up their wallet and they've got 12 credit/debit cards, it paints a clear picture. when you know a guy's a public defender(which i think is decent money, but not great money), and you see they live in the expensive section of town, it paints a picture.
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