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Daily humor thread

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    • By njJoniGuy
      Longtime resident Lady Liberty, age 236 was struck by a stolen Chevy Volt last night along the interstate. The driver and passengers, illegally in the US from their native countries across the world, then dragged Ms. Liberty into the woods and brutally sodomized her before heading to the local polling place where they registered using the names of Supreme Court justices and voted without being challenged by UN poll watchers.
      Authorities found them around the corner, each with a large supply of newly legalized recreational marijuana, getting high. They were taken into custody and released a short time later with a kiss on each cheek and a prepaid gift card for WaWa to handle the munchies.
      Ms. Liberty is in extremely critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, and doctors are very wary of her chances of recovery. A crowd of zombie-like citizens are already gathered at the Liberty residence, preparing to loot it of valuables when she succumbs to her injuries or the Death Panel declares her worthless and pulls the plug.
    • By DBCooper
      These guys know how to party...
    • By Maksim
      Why not an offshoot...
      Been meaning to start thread a few days ago, after dry firing, I was trying to copy a link from youtube to chat....
      You know you play too many gun games (uspsa/idpa) when you...
      ...double tap the Control + C twice before pasting the link.
    • By njJoniGuy
      Cross posted from the nationalmatch site
    • By njJoniGuy
      with link to their overall humor section
      such as:
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    • I can’t help you there, however... Last year, my next door neighbor decided to re-do his bathroom. This was an original bathroom in a 1950’s era house. The toilet was a baby blue...and I know this because he left it sitting in his backyard, in full view of the neighborhood, for several months.  He eventually sold it to someone who was into vintage toilets. Never knew there was a market for such things!   
    • The pages detailing how to perform an investigation of an applicant are redacted. That was what I was most curious about. Oh well. 
    • We redid a bathroom last year, completely removing everything down to the stud walls.  The old toilet was a champ...3.5 gallon flush, perfect working mechanicals...the only toilet in the house that never had a single issue.  The problem is...it is powder blue. So I have been storing it ever since.  Figured someone might be interested in the flush size since you can't buy them these days (The one that sucks down golf balls actually works pretty well, but maybe someone wants to save $150 bucks).  I put a ad on CL for $20.  Only one reply..from a restaurant owner in Brooklyn who said he was tired of his customers clogging his 1.5 gallon toilets every few days.  I said he'd come down and give me $100 for it.  Ok, I was only asking 20, but whatever.  Naturally I never heard anything further.  So there it sits, lonely and forlorn without any butts to warm it in the cold garage. So my next idea is to try to change the color to white or something else.  Could be a fun little project.  But there is little info online about how to re-paint...different how-to guides suggest all sorts of paint types, some even suggesting not to do inside the bowl because the coating would come right off.  I don't buy that advice else a million boat owners would be pretty ticked off having to dry dock every 2 weeks.   Has anyone ever actually re-colored porcelain glaze? 
    • Find out from Tandem Kross  when the ruger 22/45 mk3 competitors kit will be available.
    • Virginians, everyone for that matter, need to take the fight to the SC.  People need to protest outside of their homes, their places they eat at, etc etc..  Time for the everyday American to become an activist
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