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Daily humor thread

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So I woke up My dog is laying on the back patio covered in dirt with a rabbit in his mouth. The rabbit's not bloody, just dirty. My neighbor's kids raise blue ribbon show rabbits. I instantly knew it was one of theirs. So I took the rabbit away from my dog, rushed inside, and washed all the dirt off it before my neighbors could come home. It was stiff but I heard some animals play dead when they are afraid but I couldn't remember which ones. I took it and placed it back in one of the cages in their back yard then I ZOOMED back home. Not 30 minutes later I hear my neighbors screaming so I go out and ask them what's wrong? They tell me their rabbit died three days ago and they buried it but now it's back in the cage.

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved math tricks. This one really works! It will take you only    about-ten-seconds and, amazingly, it will reveal your all-time favorite movie.

I'm pretty good at math, so I did it in my head, then on paper, and finally on a calculator just to confirm my mathematical calculations.  Each time I got the same answer, and sure enough, it IS my very favorite movie...EVER!

DO NOT cheat. DO YOUR math, THEN compare the results on the list of movies at the bottom.  You will be AMAZED at how scary true and accurate this test is:


1. Pick a number from 1-9.   
2. Multiply that number by 3.
3. Add 3.
4. Multiply by 3 again.
5. Your total will be a two digit number.  Add the first and second digits together to find your favorite movie (of all time) in the list of 17 movies below:


Movie List:   
1. Gone With the Wind
2. E.T.
3. Blazing Saddles
4. Star Wars
5. Forrest Gump
6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
7. Jaws
8. Grease
9. The Nancy Pelosi Resignation Speech
10. Casablanca
11. Jurassic Park
12. Shrek
13. Pirates of the Caribbean
14. Titanic
15. Raiders of the Lost Ark
16. Home Alone
17. Mrs. Doubt fire


... Now, isn't that something?

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    • A friend of mine gifted me his reloading equipment when he moved out of the Country a few years ago. I've finally taken inventory of what I have vs what I need. Looks like he didn't do any 9mm, which is mostly what I shoot, so I know I need the die set and casing holder. Otherwise I think I'm good. I started to look at prices on primers, powder and bullets and noticed a fair amount of no-stock on some. Also, since I have never priced these components, I have no idea if these prices are higher than they were 3-4 months ago like factory ammo is/was. I am not "in need of ammo right now", if I was I'd pony up the cash for factory stuff. Last time I was in a LGS they had a case of 9mm for $250, I paid $200 at the same shop over the Winter and just before the lock downs. If individual components have had a similar increase percentage wise, it would make sense for me to wait. If pricing has not gone up, or it's a minimal increase I'd buy now (once I determine what I'm buying). I'd hope the current pricing is at the high side and would start to drop; but it's also an election year, so who knows.  
    • Where are you transporting this range bag TO?  Intrastate:  See Bob's simple answer^^^.  Interstate:  follow FOPA Rules, and keep the ammo in a separate container. And if you're serious about those stupid padlocks for zippers, throw a set of bolt cutters in the vehicle.  Cause it's only a matter of WHEN, not IF you're going to forget to pack the keys & have to go home for them   Be safe & have fun! Rosey
    • Yes - gotta check out my schedule but Clinton WMA is now open.  I need more clays - I think the Wallyworld in Clinton is out.  
    • Unfortunately I don't have a way to do it in one fell swoop - Maks may be able to.
    • Not bad for June 6th!!
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