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Gun Store Customer Purity Test

1) You are standing in line waiting for the clerk to assist you. He is busy showing a young lady a Glock   19. What should you do? 
    A. Wait patiently and think about baseball 
    B. Interject and say she needs a Judge 
    C. Interject and say those tupperware guns are useless 
    D. Interject and say she needs something small and pink 
2) You are looking for the newest rifle from Remchester. The clerk hands you said rifle. It has a reasonable price on it. What should you do? 
    A. Say "Great, I'll take it." 
    B. Bore him with a story about a deer you shot in 1975 with a Marlin from 200 yards. 
    C. Complain that "they don't make them like they use to." 
    D. Ask if you buy the gun do you get free "shells" 
3) You are looking at high end sporting shotguns while your wife shops next door at Kohl's. The clerk is showing a young man different types of 9mm Hollow Points. What do you do? 
    A. Say nothing and continue about your day 
    B. Interject how 9mm is worthless and you need to carry a gun in a caliber that starts with "4" 
    C. Interject how hollow point ammunition will get you prosecuted 
    D. Interject about how you alternate ball and hollow points in your carry mag 
4) It is the day before deer season. You NEED a box of .25-06 soft points. The store is very busy. What do you do? 
    A. Wait patiently and think about football 
    B. Call the clerk "Boy" real loud to asert dominance 
    C. Skip the line and interrupt the clerk filling out a 4473 
    D. Loudly complain about all these folks buying "space guns" 
5) The clerk is showing a petite young lady a Troy Industries AR pistol with a brace. He is talking about Speer gold dots and active hearing protection for inside the home. What should you do?
    A. Wait patiently and think about bowling
    B. Say that all you need for home defense is a pump shotgun
    C. Loudly state that them braces illegal
    D. Tell a story about how you carried a M-14 for two years in West Germany
6) A well dressed young man is looking at a high end piece of glass for his new F-Class rifle. What should you do?
    A. Wait patiently and think about basketball
    B. Let out a whistle and remark about the price tag
    C. Say that the Barska you bought at Wal-Mart is just as good
    D. Mutter about iron sights and how things use to be
If you had more than two answers other than "A", maybe you should take a long look in the mirror before going to the gun shop on Saturday to "look around". 


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I am putting the following link in the Daily Humor thread because there's nothing really serious in the article. But the videos ARE hysterical! In both meanings of the word. And it's too much to put in a post. So, here, witness:

More Evidence Of Hysterical Democrats

Be sure to watch the montage.

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