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9 minutes ago, PeteF said:

Like it never happened before



3 things

1 guy who leftt dog in car should get ass kicked.

2 guy who saved dog has guts walking off bridge while it was shaking.

3 Does collision insurance cover the car?

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The 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge, was a suspension bridge in the U.S. state of Washington that spanned the Tacoma Narrows strait of Puget Sound between Tacoma and the Kitsap Peninsula. It opened to traffic on July 1, 1940, and dramatically collapsed into Puget Sound on November 7 the same year. The bridge's collapse has been described as "spectacular" and in subsequent decades "has attracted the attention of engineers, physicists, and mathematicians".

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Tim decided to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend.

One evening, after the honeymoon, he was assembling some loads for an upcoming hunt. His wife was standing there at the bench watching him. After a long period of silence she finally spoke.
“Honey, I've been thinking, now that we are married I think it's time you quit hunting, shooting, hand loading, and fishing. Maybe you should sell your guns and boat.”
Tim gets this horrified look on his face.

 She says, "Darling, what's wrong?"
”There for a minute you were sounding like my ex-wife.”
"Ex-wife!" she screams, "I didn't know you were married before!"
”I wasn't.“

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1 hour ago, silverado427 said:


My version of that was when she complained I had eight things out on my half of our double sink vanity.

Then I counted everything 'out' on her side.

End of discussion.

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20 minutes ago, 45Doll said:

My version of that was when she complained I had eight things out on my half of our double sink vanity.

Then I counted everything 'out' on her side.

End of discussion.

Our new house has double sinks in the master bathroom. I told her to keep her crap on her side. And that’s how the fight started. 

As it is, she has her ‘products’ out in both the master and guest bathrooms. 

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Our daughter received this in her Inbox yesterday:

From: Ashley Sherlock <fasttrackc382@gmail.com>
Sent: Sun, Jun 6, 2021 5:18 pm

American Ally Bank

Unit Director: Ashley Sherlock

Email:AsherlySherlock252@hotmail.com <mailto:AsherlySherlock252@hotmail.com> 

Dear Valued Customer

We hope this mail finds you well. This mail might get to you as a surprise mail because you weren't informed about this funds before-now. It wasn't yet your turn as payment schedule on the list given. Your name and email was on the list of scam victim beneficiary of people who has been defrauded by Africa and Europe fraudsters.

A man named Timmy Cross came to our Bank on Friday That you have authorized him to come and receive the payment on your behalf with some representatives. For our safety measures, I have asked him to check back in the three working days to enable us do our check. Kindly find below the information submitted by Mr. TIMMY CROSS. We are contacting you to verify his claim that you announced him as your Next of Kin.

On this note, could please confirm the following,

1. That you instructed one Mr. TIMMY CROSS of USA Florida group Ltd. whose information's is below, to receive the payment on your behalf?
2. that you sign any 'Deed of Assignment' in his favor thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details:

Account Name: Timmy Cross Group Ltd,

A/C #USD114-1025567-8,

Bank Name: Standard Chattered Bank

Florida Swift Code:

SCBL 11K111.

Our bank would need you to clarify that you authorized Mr. Timmy Cross for the claim of your fund worth of $5,000,000.00 (Five Million, United States Dollars), to enable us endorse for the final payment approval order on his behalf. kindly revert to Hector Valdez through E-mail (AsherlySherlock252@hotmail.com <mailto:AsherlySherlock252@hotmail.com> ) for urgent attention.

As soon as we have your confirmation, we shall commence with your account setup properly. You are advise to act urgently as regards to this notice.

Yours Sincerely,

Ashley Sherlock

So, my question to our daughter was: Have you been holding out on us?

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