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Same sunglasses, same watches, same haircut, same look! What is the saying?   "If it walks like a duck it must be a fibbi!!


OH, I MISSED THE FRIGGIN BLACK SOCKS!!! DEAD GIVEAWAY on either a fibbi or a Benny!!!!

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This is not the original story on this photo, but a recap of the event. Did you notice the cuffed shorts?

What If the FBI Threw an Insurrection and Nobody Came? - American Thinker

"The pièce de resistance was this photo making the rounds on social media and the subject of endless memes, featuring a half dozen 30-something men, tall, lean, muscular, with matching watches and sunglasses hiding watchful eyes, short haircuts, pistol shaped bulges in their pockets, trying to look like MAGA protesters when their dress is more suited for a group Sunday brunch in Brooklyn or an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue photo shoot."

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43 minutes ago, 45Doll said:

Hey, who wants to look at a guys balls (or other apparatus) hanging out of Daisy Dukes when you can watch a couple gorillas going downtown:

Are you discriminating against me because my balls hang out of my Daisy Dukes?  :p

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