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Daily humor thread

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1 hour ago, silverado427 said:

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 2.32.06 PM.png

This week Gutfeld! pointed out that in that picture she's getting her prostate examined.

Don't forget: she proclaimed she's the biggest dick in Chicago.

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13 minutes ago, Mrs. Peel said:

I don't remember seeing this posted here... it's kind of funny:

If Women Had The Same Rights As Guns - YouTube

That's good, but I rather enjoyed this video that came up next.

Fight the patriarchy!  Let this feminist husband show you how.

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    • Thank you all for your interest and feedback.  I just got back from the range after doing another round of testing. Same two firearms, the Glock 19 and Glock 26.  This time I used two brand new OEM Glock 19 Gen4 10 round mags I purchased about six years ago.  I numbered them "#7" and "#8" respectively.   In the G26, I used the X-Rite adapter as before. This evening I shot a total of 96 rounds (Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr FTX #90250).  Shot 48 rounds thru each gun with an equal amount of new CD brass cased and older stock CD nickel plated, thru each of the two mags. Loaded each mag with only three rounds at a time to maximize the number of "last rounds" I would be shooting.  Ie 32 mag insertions each containing three rounds. Experienced a total of three failures to feed, all on the last round, all brass cased, all with mag #7. Frankly, I don't think the case material matters. Nor do I think the mag really mattered given both were new.   I took much better pictures this time. Various pics attached below.  In all three failures the round appears to be getting hung up on the bottom of the feed ramp.  The bottomline for me is that it is time to cut my losses and select/evaluate an alternative non-hollowpoint expanding cartridge.  Given the approx 4% failure rate I encountered across these two rounds of tests, I not confident at all in the reliability of CD in my two intended carry firearms. The thought of encountering a malfunction at a critical moment in a self defense situation is terrifying. So some personal lessons I have learned: - Do test your carry ammunition in your carry firearms.  Don't assume they will be reliable just because your firearms have been flawless with FMJ range ammo. - Use new(ish) magazines in your carry firearms. - Do practice malfunction clearing drills.   Your life will depend on it. - Do carry a second magazine. Not just for more rounds but also in the case you need to replace your primary mag in the event of a malfunction. I will let everyone know what alternative brand/type of ammo I select and test.  (Corbon Powrball (sp?) comes to mind.).  Suggestions welcome.    
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