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Initial FID Card - Vineland

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I applied for my initial FID card on December 26, 2011. Handed everything over the the Detective in charge of ID's. I got fingerprinted on January 4th 2012 at Morphotrak.


Vineland PD told me 10 to 12 weeks is the wait time.


It has been 69 days so far. I did call them at the 30 day mark and asked about its status. They said they were backed up because of the holidays and it might take a little longer. What a bunch of crap.


I have 2 more weeks to wait, then I am going over there in person and gonna find out whats going on. Hopefully I get it before then.

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Don't wait 2 more week, go down in person and see how it's going, ask if they got the reference letter back or if there was something else holding the process up. If things look like they will be done soon great, if not, start talking to the Chief, if no luck there, the Mayor.

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