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My thoughts on my M&P .22 Pistol

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I picked up this pistol due to a permit about to expire and the budget I have, figured it would be a good gun to have for fun. In context the only other pistol I have ever owned was a 22a1 target pistol by S&W.


Initial thoughts pre firing weapon:

  • Slide is incredibly smooth
  • Medium grip should feel good in normal size hands like mine
  • Weight feels good
  • Trigger feels solid

Thoughts post firing weapon:

  • Hell of a gun to own
  • Sights from the factory are terrible, adjust when you take it out for the first time
  • Trigger has a clean break but requires a trip for your finger to get there
  • Reliable work horse
  • Great for target practice (once all the bugs are worked out)

So here are my thoughts after firing 300 rounds through the gun. The weight is good as outlined above, the grip doesn't exhaust your hand, you don't get tired of holding the gun. The presentation from Smith & Wesson is awesome and I just wish there was an additional clip in the set instead of having to buy one (I bought an extra at the time or purchase). The first 100 rounds of ammo were CCI Mini Mag (Copper plated), felt great, not a single failure on firing, no ftf, no duds, no stove pipes. Everything went smooth. Moved onto CCI Blazer Bulk, not a single failure as well but was not impressed with the ammunition. The lead nose left a lot of gunk in the barrel. I cleaned it out as much as I could with my kit (maybe I have a shit kit, who knows...) and still see some lead pressed against the groove walls of the barrel.


From this point on I can only recommend shooting copper plated ammunition out of this gun. Towards the end of my night I was getting lead build up at the end of the barrel on the outside of the gun so that was a disappointment as well.


Thoughts on cleaning the gun:

  • Easy take down (this is my first slide gun)
  • Components were easy to clean
  • Components were easy to oil up
  • Reassembly is just as easy as disassembly.
  • Barrel has big grooves a tight fitting barrel brush works best

Thoughts on the sights:

  • Horrible adjustments from the factory
  • Take some adjusting to get dialed in.
  • Might want to remove them all together and find replacements (if the market has any, looking into this).

Bottom line, fun gun to have, would make a nice addition to any collection, I look forward to buying a 9mm or a .40 version of this gun soon.

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Good review, and great gun. I got mine about 2 weeks ago. Put 525 rounds of CCI Blazer bulk thru it, and also not one FTF or FTE.

I also found the sights to be way off target, so my next time to the range I'll need to spend an hour adjusting to perfection.


But WOW, what a gun ! Count me as VERY impressed !!!!

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Good review! I love mine as well... Very fun gun to shoot. I am sticking exclusively with minimags... I know the bulk packs are cheaper, but I just like the way the gun performs with minimags so will be sticking with them. I've put about 400 rounds of CCI Minimags through my M&P 22 without a single problem, no FTE's or FTF's.


I also had to adjust my sights (both front and back) to get the gun shooting perfect for me... as it was shooting about 6 to 8 inches high, out of the box... once I was done with my adjustments I got it shooting perfectly.


I think that S&W hit a home run with this pistol. I've got an M&P 9mm waiting for me at the FFL once my 30 day wait is over next week... so my M&P 22 will gain a big brother! LOL!

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Though this is my only gun, so I have nothing else to really compare it to, I am VERY satisfied with my purchase after my trip to the range tonight.


The gun feels very good in my hand and points very naturally for me. I have average sized hands, and the magazine release, slide stop, and safety (though I do have my dislikes about the safety) are all easy to reach and operate. I put 262 (250 Remington Golden Bullet and 12 Federal blue bulk pack) through it without a single problem. No FTE, no FTF, it just went bang every time. I may have to adjust the sights, POI seems to be 1-2" low at 10 yards, but it was dead on left/right.


I have 3 main dislikes about the gun.

1. Thumb safety. It's cheap and junky. There is no positive catch and the whole lever is just really cheap plastic. I very well may be removing it.

2. Magazine safety. I dislike magazine safeties, not sure why, but I do. However it doesn't stop the magazine from dropping free like it does in some other guns. I probably will not be touching it.

3. Trigger reset. The trigger is nice, a good bit of takeup because of the hinged trigger, but a nice clean break. The reset however is long, much longer than I'm used to. I'll probably get used to it over time though.


Based on how the M&P 22 feels in my hand and performs, I very well may be buying an M&P 9 in the near future.

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that thumb safety pisses me off as well It is right in the way of where my thumb rests, but Its a fun gun to shoot for sure. I've shot several kinds of ammo and had no issues except when hesitating on releasing the slide using the hollow point Winchester 333, but a quick rack and there is no issue.

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I wonder what kind of durability this gun will have.


I was looking at a Ruger SR22, but think that this might be a better option. It would be nice, if it came out in a compact edition, and or one with the interchangeable grips.

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I wonder what kind of durability this gun will have.


I was looking at a Ruger SR22, but think that this might be a better option. It would be nice, if it came out in a compact edition, and or one with the interchangeable grips.


S&W provides a lifetime warranty on their guns... so durability shouldn't be a concern... if something on this gun breaks, S&W will fix it. I don't see anything to worry about though, as the gun seems very well built.

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