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    • By medved11
      Up for sale is an unused Lee Loader Kit for .44 magnum. The kit comes as shown and has all of the parts that come with the set. 
      $20 for a face-to-face sale in the Princeton/Hillsborough area

    • By rifleman
      For sale awesome MEC 9000HN Hydraulic reloading press $600 !  I already have a pair of these machines and tuned this up perfectly. It has been stripped down, cleaned, assembled, lubed and run 200 shells. They chambered and shot perfect. This machine needs nothing to start loading shells at a rate of 300 per hour. If you have a single stage or manual progressive MEC, this is the machine for you. Your arm will thank you, the hydraulic 110VAC pump has a foot pedal. It draws less than 10 amp, can plug in anywhere. The sizing collet is in perfect condition. 
      It is set up now for 1-1/8 oz 1,200 FPS velocity using Cheddite 209 primers, WIN wad & Remington Gun club hulls. These are great hulls to reload, the plastic is perfect for re-crimping. I can set it up for another load or show you how to do it. 
      This machine lists for $1,211 at Midway + shipping but you can get a machine fully set up and working for the low price of $600 ! This will produce $9 per box Winchester AA loads for about $5. Plus the machine will always have resale value, parts and service are available from MEC. I have been loading on the 9000 for 5 years and they are easy to adjust & maintain.
      But wait................. 
      Act now and included in the price is the MEC maintenance tools for adjusting base re-sizing & main spring removal ($32 value), MEC Bushing rack ($30 value), 9 bushings ($45 value) 3 charge bars ($54 value). That is over $150 worth of extra stuff that you don't have to buy! The manual is included. Man that's a lot of extra stuff.
      The extra bushings will allow you to make any 7/8 oz, 1 oz, 1-1/8 oz shell at any velocity. You can make some low recoil now noise light loads for the kids up to a killer 75 yard sporting clay crusher for the end station at Lehigh.
      OK, this sounds too good to be true but I want to sell it to a forum bud and skip the hassle of shipping it on EBay. The machine is under power and will produce shells immediately. I couldn't sell it any other way. Pickup only in Brick NJ. 
      This is not me but it is a very accurate representation of the machine. Best to call or text 732-691-8706, I don't check Forum replies too often.

    • By Maksim
      I just wanted to take a moment and wish a very warm welcome, once again, to Shore Shot Pistol Range!  @shore_shot
      A very cool fairly recently remodeled range and a nice big store with plenty of firearms for you to try!  One of the oldest in NJ with plenty for both new and more experienced shooters.  I recall coming here after Rays closed up.
      Also, please visit the vendor page here 
    • By ezgo
      Up for sell two Lee Load-All re-loaders: 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge.  All original components and paperwork is included.  Both re-loaders work just fine, I shot many clay birds with shells that came out of this "factory".
      Reloading supplies include:
      W209 Shotgun Primers 6 boxes
      No 9 magnum shot ~35-40lb
      Hodgdon International Clay powder ~3.5lbs
      12G and 20G wadding. Bags almost full as on the picture.
      Also, hundreds of assorted once shot shotgun shells.
      You can get to reloading business right away with this package.
      I want to sell this package all at once for $150.  Would not want to break it up.

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    • This! I could have paid for my home in cash but I would have cleaned out 99.9% of everything I had. Instead I got a mortgage and kept a good chunk of money which I invested. Total earnings off those investments was 14k and change in 2019. That's more than my mortgage and property taxes cost me in 2019! 
    • Then explain the 25 rounds through that hole in 10x's profile picture.
    • 9.1 PERSONAL FINANCIAL LITERACY https://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/2014/career/91.pdf I do wonder how many schools properly teach this.
    • It very often is not taught in schools.  I moved in middle school and moved into a school district that had a pretty robust civics class that spent a quarter going over the basics of personal finance, budgeting, investment and stuff like that.  Later one year of health class was personal finance and retirement planning.  Outside of getting into more advanced math they were pretty solid. When I went to college I met back up with some of my friends prior to moving. They did not get the same kind of coverage of such subjects.   
    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with properly managed debt...  A majority of people cant buy a house or car with out it. Or receive a good education with out it. Provided all of these debts end with valuable assets which allow you to earn more in the long run, and the interest paid doesn't out-weight other factors. If you are saving to buy a house, and paying rent.. does the rent cost more than the interest if buying one? If so, you stand to lose money buy avoiding debt. In 30 years, the people who rented and outright bought their home can very possible have less net wealth.  I can pay off a car and house, at extremely low interest rates, while compounding interest in investments as the economy grows..  earn dividends.. utilize my own free crash to work for me.. instead of not having any being due to it tied up in liquid assets So debt CAN BE GOOD, and can actually increase your net worth over time. Especially if that debt leads to valuable assets.  That requires working both side of the market.. and investing your surplus not spending it. And doing it smart. Why would I put all my money into a house to save 3% a year when I can use it to earn potentially 10%? The house eventually gets paid off, and I have a fat retirement account with a major asset like a home. Regulations can go either way... deregulating mortgages led to the housing crisis.. Clinton's dream that every American would own a home.. So they are very important in establishing who can get a loan, ESPECIALLY if we are to bail out dumbass banks for handing out LEGAL predatory loans because people are stupid. Any regulation that makes it harder to borrow money is IMO good, but when we need a way out of a recession.... we print money and loan it out. We make it easier to borrow and start the cycle all over again.       
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