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Ive recently expanded my company and course offerings. Im now teaching more advanced defensive classes for pistol, shotgun, and carbine as well as lowlight pistol. I have done research and development on these courses for about two years so they arent untested/unproven course offerings. If you're interested take a look at my upcoming courses on my webpage.




If anyone has any questions, post them up here or send me and email.

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Is there any way for a CCW course NOT on a sunday?

Ive run a few on Saturdays so far this year... its easiest for my team to have them on sundays, however. I will probably run one on saturday later this summer or in early fall

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Hi CM and thanks for your interest in the GAPP classes.


I know we already have people signed up for the October Basic Pistol class, so you should feel free to sign up and perhaps bringnyour spouse, partner or even a non-shooter friend.


Everything needed (guns, ammo, course materials, coffee, breakfast, lunch) is provided and the course includes class and range elements. If you want to bring your own firearm, of course you may, but please don't bring reloaded ammo - factory only.


The course is designed to qualify you for the NRA Basic Pistol certificate, so it covers how pistols are built and how they work (revolvers and semi autos, and yes - you get to shoot both in 22 and heavier), how ammo is built and works, pistol safety, fundamentals of shooting and introduction to marksmanship, and so on.


The instructors all hold the appropriate NRA pistol and range safety qualifications.


So, give it a try and bring someone with you; I guarantee you'll have a great time.




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