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WTS RIA 1911 Tactical 45ACP + ammo

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Gun is SPF one more time, this time to Robot_Hell


Have had this for about a year and a half - put about 500 rounds through it - need to consolidate calibers. AMMO IS SOLD!


The gun has never been in a holster, always cleaned after shooting. I changed the wood grips for Colt rubber grips. Have the magazine that came with the gun + 3 Chip McCormick Shooting Star 8 rounders - $385 I'll also throw in a nylon shoulder holster I've had lying around and a .45 bore brush & mop. Buyer must have P2P, NJ FID with matching DL.








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sale fell through through no fault on the potential buyer's end - gun is back up for sale - I will also include a RH IWB tuckable holster for full size autos from Ace Case.

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Gun is SPF one more time, this time to Robot_Hell - he PMed me before anyone else, just didn't put a public post on the thread. All other PMs responded to, all interested parties duly noted - especially Adam & BlueLineFish, given our previous pleasant transactions. Thank you all for your interest.

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    • By remixer
      New In Box
      TRP™ Operator® Black Armory Kote™ w/ Full Length Integral Accessory Rail .45ACP
      $1550.00 Plus NJ Nics and NJ Tax

      Caliber: .45ACP
      Recoil System: 1 Piece N.M. Full Length Guide Rod
      Sights: Fully Adjustable, 3-Dot Tritium
      Weight: (with Empty Magazine) 45oz
      Height: 5.7"
      Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Black Armory Kote™
      Barrel: 5 inch Stainless Steel Match Grade Bull
      Length: 8.6"
      Grip: Type Black G-10
      Frame: Forged Carbon Steel, Black Armory Kote™ , With Full Length Accessory Rail
      Magazines: 2 - 7 Round, Stainless Steel w/ Slam Pads
      MSRP: $1,730.00
      The TRP™ series of 1911s from Springfield Armory® are serious tools for the most serious of applications. These tactically proven pistols are intentionally designed to work under the worst conditions you’ll encounter. You’ll find all the quality, features and performance that you need in a 1911 of this class.
      TRP™ level quality starts with the forged national match frame and slide. These are precision fit and then mated with a match grade stainless steel barrel and bushing. The 20LPI checkering on the front strap, checkered mainspring housing and G10 grips will keep this gun in your hands when the sweat and adrenaline are flowing. The crisp 4.5 – 5lb trigger pull means you can more easily put shots on target when it matters most. 3-Dot tritium sights and an extended beveled magazine will remind you that the TRP™ was designed for use in high stress places – where the environment works against target acquisition, and mag swaps have to be lightning fast. The Armory Kote™ or Stainless Steel finish will protect your TRP™ so it’s ready for the next mission.
      Sometimes performance isn’t optional. When your requirements dictate that you use the best tools available, reach for the Tactical Response Pistol™.
    • By remixer
      Here are some of my recent arrivals worth mentioning.
      LWRC DI 5.56 / 223
      Modular One-Piece, Free-float Rail, Rail Panels, Angled Fore-grip and Hand Stop, Cold Hammer-Forged, Spiral Fluted 16.1 Barrel, Fully Ambidextrous Mag Release, Bolt Catch, & Selector. Price Includes all NJ Compliance work.

      Sig Sauer M400 Elite 5.56 / 223
      New Model for 2017, Aluminum M-Lok Hand guard, 16" 1:7 twist Barrel, Sig Enhanced Trigger,
      Price includes all NJ compliance work.

      Sig Sauer p320 9mm Full-size w/Contrast Sights (15rds)
      Includes 2 Magazines , Plastic Case and Lock. Additional Magazines Available

      Sig Sauer p320 9mm Carry w/Contrast Sights (15rds)
      Includes 2 Magazines , Plastic Case and Lock. Additional Magazines Available

      Hi-Point 9TS 9mm Carbine Black

      Hi-Point 9TS 9mm Carbine Camo

    • By Nucrunner
      For the past couple months I've been considering a Colt Compitetion (still not sure if I'm going to go 9 or 45).
      I'll be using it mostly for IDPA shooting, where I'm currently rated  in the low end of the Sharpshooter class.
      So as I'm getting ready to close in on a Colt Compitetion, Colt releases the same gun in series 70 and calls it "better".
      I'm reading as much as I can on the re-introduced series 70, and wondering how much of a difference the series 70 might make over a series 80 for a shooter in my classification. 
      Any thoughts?
    • By My1stGlock
      So my buddy has a stainless steel 1911 and I noticed what looked like pitting or carbon build up or dirt on the lower frame but then when I ran my finger over it it was not rough. He's cleaned it before but not sure what he's been using to clean it. Is there something that someone can recommend that he could possibly try? Pic is attached. 

    • By remixer
      Colt Competition Government 45Acp
      $830.00 Plus NJ Nics and Tax

      - Dual Spring Recoil System™
      - Novak® Adjustable Rear Sight
      - Fiber Optic Front Sight
      - Undercut Trigger Guard
      - Upswept Beavertail Grip Safety
      - Custom Blue Colt Logo G10 Grips
      - 5” National Match® Barrel
      Our latest inventory can be found at http://www.monmoutharms.com
      Thanks for Looking,

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    • More primers on the way..... soon.   https://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/2022/jan/19/ammunition-plant-to-open-near-texarkana/
    • As I mentioned in another thread, we bought a condo in Florida a couple of years ago, and have started spending some time down here.  We have not become residents yet, but still are able to enjoy a taste of life in a free state with Covid sanity and everyday concealed carry. Yesterday I purchased the Zastava Arms ZPAP M70 for which I have been lusting.  Bought it online from Atlantic Firearms and had it shipped to a local dealer.  When I went over to pick it up, he asked me for my DL and Florida CCW permit (if I had one).  I filled out a 4473 and a few minutes later, he said, "You're all set."  Holy crap!  No waiting days for an "instant" background check requiring a return trip to the dealer.  In just minutes I was able to walk out with my new beauty.  While I was there, a fellow walked in and asked to look at a handgun.  He checked it out for a few minutes, then said, "OK, I'll take it."  Same deal for him:  DL, Florida CCW, 4473, and out the door in a few minutes with the gun.  I should note that with the ready availability of guns in Florida, contrary to the hysterical fears of legislators in states like New Jersey, not only do legal gun owners not run around shooting each other, one rarely (like, never) even sees a gun. All that aside, the weather here has been great, the people warm and welcoming.  On days when it's a little cooler, with temperatures in the mid-60's, when we can't sit by the pool or go to the beach, the weather is perfect for golf, pickle ball, running and working out, or just hanging out.  Unfortunately, we have to leave "The Matrix" next week to return to Jersey for six weeks in the middle of winter, for some weddings and other family events.  But we get to look forward to returning in mid-March for another 6-8 weeks.  If any of you are down this way, be sure to say hi!
    • Interested too. Been a USLS member for several years now too.
    • Save your hospitality.  Spammer from Bangladesh.
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