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We were going to OBRPC this Sunday at 9am for orientation.


I spoke with VP Mr. Roddy for a viewing and he said that we can just enter using the USPSA/IPSC code to enter and look around. But I guess we can't use the range.


So if you're going to be at the range on Saturday and can bring my wife and I into the range as guest, say anywhere from 11:30am - 1pm, that would be great. Since we don't know when the orientation will end. And of course, should be become members, we will put you down as our Sponsor for the $50 credit. We would like to use the range too if it's not too much trouble.


Since my wife do want to shoot in league, we'll be getting membership for the both of us.


I just don't understand this line.... 2. Two other persons, per visit, may be accorded guest of member privileges without payment or range fees twice each in any one calendar year.


What is the range fee, should be exceed the mention rule above?


Saturday or Sunday? You said you are going to O.B Sunday, but asked if I will be at the range Sat. Did you mean Sun? I do expect to go Sunday morning and should be there into the early afternoon. Sorry, I just looked and saw that your wife would pay full annual dues and a partial capital cost, didn't realize that. The #2 statement just means you are allowed to bring up to 2 guests with you, but only twice in a year.


I'll send you a pm on Sat after my plans are set for Sun and we can see about meeting up.

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