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Greetings everyone. I'm a new member living in Lebanon Township. Lifelong NJ resident, have lived in every area code at least once (with a 7 year detour in Boston along the way).


Just finished the FID process a month ago, and recently purchased a Beretta 92FS (from Tony at Hackettstown G&A). That was a fairly easy choice. I would like to get going with an AR15, but with all the choices out there, it will take some time to do the homework and find one that's great out of the box but also easy to upgrade when I get better with it.


I am hoping to learn a lot from these forums, and will give back any info I find along the way.




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Hello and Welcome from Readington Township.


Lots of AR guys here and i m sure they can give you usefull info.


As for an out of the box , i d check out the Stag s at Heritage Guild in Branchburg right down the road from you.


They have most models and i m sure they can be upgraded.

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The Beretta 92FS is the finest all-metal double action pistol on the planet. You made a good choice.


Now the next thing you need to get is the practice kit so you can shoot .22 LR




Congratulations on the new purchase and welcome to the forum.

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Thanks to everyone for all the responses so far. Some great info already.


@DamJan: Definitely going to make a trip to Heritage Guild. I see they offer the NRA training courses as well, so that's two reasons for me to go check them out.


@when_shtf: I'm on my 3rd A4 in a row -- '98, '07 and now a '12. Love 'em.


@NJSigFan: I will do that. Some of the guys I work with shoot in Easton as well, so we will have to make a trip. Another buddy is a member at EFGA.



@mcbethr: Thanks for the link -- didn't even know that existed. That is a must-get. I was looking at the EFK recoil spring for the 92FS, know anything about it?


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