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Hello from South Jersey

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    • DT, I also know that surreal feeling you mentioned.  I did a lot of business travel to Texas back in 2015-2016. This was a few years after I got back into firearms and all things 2A related. So was acutely aware of, and felt daily,  the oppression we live under here. Visiting Bass Pro and other gun shops in Dallas there provided a wonderful taste of freedom and respect for our rights.  Actually got to browse and touch the boxes of ammo on the shelves!  Wow!  As an aside, on a short business  trip there in 2017 which spanned a weekend,  I managed to get fingerprinted and attend the CHL class and subsequently  received my Texas non-resident permit. (With that permit I was able to conceal carry in PA for ONE glorious day in my life. Shortly after, PA stopped recognizing non-resident permits.).
    • I have 2 sets of Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Offset Sight for sale. both sets are very lightly used. In other words, they were mounted but the rifles they were mounted to only saw the safe and the range, never any real action, hence both sights are in immaculate condition. The only sign of use is tool marks on the bolt from being mounted, see pics below. Asking $145 per set but it's negotiable, PM me with offers. Local pickup in Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold area preferred but we can discuss shipping.   since I have 2, first "i'll take both" wins, or first 2 "i'll take one" win.  
    • FWIW, I have called USLS for non-urgent items and they always connect me with someone from Nappen's office (David I think) within a day or two, so from that perspective it has been good.
    • I have also been a USLS member for several years. Have not had to use it but does provide me some piece of mind.  I am not aware of any other such services that provide protection for the various possession laws we must adhere to here in NJ.  (As opposed to actual self-defense use.).  Have you attended any of the USLS seminars with Evan Nappen? They are informative and you can address any questions or concerns (from reviews) you have with their rep. And yes, I hope to god they are responsive when I need them.  
    • Texas ain’t much different.    The first time I walked into an Academy Sports, and saw TONS of guns and ammo (and the ammo was out openly so you could get it yourself…no clerk required). Rifles and shotguns were in racks where you could openly handle them too. Handguns, of course, were locked in a case, but it’s no problem to have a clerk hand one to you.    Because I lived in Nj for 21 years, I almost felt like I was doing something WRONG when I handled them in the shop, with no ‘supervision’. It was kind of a surreal feeling.  I guess living in the northeast, you get browbeaten that firearms are verboten, and those who own them are criminals.  Texas is VERY different in that respect. Talk about firearms, and what you own, where you shoot/hunt like is very common, like it was people talking about what kind of golf clubs you have and what course you play.    Now that I have my Texas DL…next step is CHL.     
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