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GunForHire 1:1 training Part 2

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In August I took a 1:1 training session with Chuck @ GunForHire and posted my review, which was overwhelmingly a positive experience, here


I decided to go for a follow up 1:1 session yesterday evening to help focus on some of the development areas from my first 3 IDPA competitions and also to undertake some training that can't be done at the standard range. Once again, for continuity, Chuck was my instructor. I had emailed some specific areas I wanted to focus on and Chuck created a session around those.


During the 3 hours:


1) Chuck reviewed 5 videos from my IDPA competitions and was able to ascertain some of the fundamentals that needed to be worked upon.


2) We then moved to the F.A.T.S simulation and they ran me through around 10 or so scenarios. They supplied me with a Sig P229 F.A.T.S firearm as I am currently using my Sig rather than the Walther. If you've never tried F.A.T.S then I can say it is very humbling in showing exactly where you are aiming and quickly highlights any trigger and sight picture issues. After each scenario Chuck would play back the scenario with my muzzle/shots overlaid and then explain what went well and where I needed to focus more on my fundamentals. As I focused on the fundamentals the results improved.


3) We then moved to the range, having the full 25yds x 25yds open space to ourselves. Chuck set up some cones, barricades and targets and then told me to start sprinting from side to side across the width of the range.. WTF!!!! I didn't realize I'd get a fitness workout included :-) Joe was nice enough to come and sprint alongside me and show me that I'm getting old!


After 3-4 widths of sprinting, Chuck would call out a position and instructions, e.g. left cone, 2 and 4, kneeling; move to right barricade, pelvis shot; etc


The above sprint->firing scenario was repeated 15 or so times; before we moved on to something different. Once again throughout the ~2 hours on the range Chuck focused on my fundamentals - trigger control, sight picture, upper body position. The purpose of this was to force me to focus through the adrenaline, oxygen starvation and ensure I still hit my targets. As a technique it worked well and by the end of the session I was mentally drained from the level of focus I was needing to apply.


Excluding the F.A.T.S I shot 550 rounds live fire. The session was set up so I reached the point of diminishing returns at the session end. I've kept the summary above very high level - suffice to say there were other tricks that Chuck (and Joe when he was being "helpful") incorporated to ensure I had to think through malfunctions and other items.


This is by far the best Training Session to date. I got home exhausted - physically and mentally, however I learnt far more than I had expected. The big positive with continuing the sessions with Chuck and Gun For Hire is that both the single and group sessions continue to build on each other since both Chuck and Joe know my level of experience and developmental areas well by now.


Thanks to Chuck & Gun For Hire - summay take away is .. focus on the shooting fundamentals!



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