Target stand size for CJRPC?

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My dad is a member and we havn't been to general purp rifle range since they implemented the new rules with shooting crap on that range.. (We like blasting our recycling and what nots) Boring shooting at paper all day long... wanna blow the dust of the rifles to put some on paper not to mention I'm almost done putting AR together so gonna need to zero it.

Question is I know they have inside the building on the wall a spec drawing of what to build target stands to fit there holders.Anybody have a copy of that? Or the basic jist of what spacing and max wood size I can use.


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6' is the height in order to ensure that the rounds impact the berm.


What you can do, since they have iron supports in the ground behind each of the berms is to take 2 1"x2"x6' pieces of firring strips, slide them into the iron supports and use a pony clamp to clamp them onto each of the 2 iron supports. Staple 24"x24" (same sized used in indoor range) cardboard backer on each of the 4 corners to the 1x2" strips and either staple or tape your target to the cardboard backer. A simple target support that you can easily carry, and break down for transport.


As Mikeythumbs suggested, there's drawings at the CJRPC website for a more-sophisticated take-down target stand.


Also, tj462nj recommended h-stands that keep your target stand free-standing and portable, especially for when you're using the pits.

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Strange, the stand instructions used to be one there but I can't find it either. Here is one that I had saved on my computer, hope it helps.


GENERAL NOTES: Wood material is 1x2 common grade pine. Each frame has been designed for its specific shooting position for use on 50 and 100 yard berms. Use of this design will prevent ricochets from leaving the range. Drilling the holes for a slip-snug fit of the bolts, pins, item 6, will permit removing the legs from the frame for easy storage. By making the screws holding pc 4, leg Brace, slightly loose the legs can be slid together for ease of handling and storage. Screw fasteners permit replacement of damaged parts from near misses. Cans, Plastic bottles, etc may be suspended from strings thumb tacked from the top of the

frame brace. Cans, bottles etc may be placed on top of the lower frame brace.



1) 4 Pc. Top and Bottom Frame Brace. 24 inches (can be any width desired)

2) 2 Pc. Side Verticle Risers. 16 inches. Must not alter this dimension.

3) 2 Pc Legs:

Prone Position: 35 inches

Sitting Position: 52 inches

Standing Position: 69 inches

4) 1 Pc. Leg Brace. 15 inches

5) 2 Pc. Iron ground Frame Filler, any length (6 inches optimum)

6) 2 Pc. 1/4 x 2 1/2 long Bolt, dowel or other cleaves acting pin.

7) 2 Pc. Cardboard Backer, 13 x 24 inches

8) 1 Pc. Bottom Frame Brace Filler, 12 inches, centrally located


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You can still but they have there gay ass rules with them


What rules are you guys talking about? The only one I'm aware of is that you must pick up what you shoot, which I would hope everyone did anyway. I looked through the rules, and couldn't find any rules on it. I'm not saying you're wrong, but what rules are you talking about?

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What rules are you guys talking about? The only one I'm aware of is that you must pick up what you shoot, which I would hope everyone did anyway. I looked through the rules, and couldn't find any rules on it. I'm not saying you're wrong, but what rules are you talking about?

Placing... Say bottles or whatever at 50 or 100 yards on or in front of the berm..

All because of a situation I call BS on to begin with.

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