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Josh S

Pro gun petition

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Signed, but it looks like we only have 36k signatures and the gun control one has about 180k. Hell, even if the numbers were reversed, I doubt the white house would give a damn about us.


That one had a 2-3 day head start. Many gun owners seem defeatist and won't take the time to sign it. Out of the ones that do how many forwarded it to friends and family or shared on facebook?

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Hybrid letter (part from someone else and part mine morphed together) sent to Reps and Senators....use, change or whatever:




I am writing to you today regarding the tragedy that happened in Newtown, with all the emotional feelings and the loss its understandable to turn to guns as the problem and not look at the real issue. In reality we must realize that what we have been doing year after year is not working and that we must turn to other means of protecting our schools. I am letting you know that I am completely against any new gun laws, may it be federal or local, I will not support any new laws that will further restrict my rights as an American citizen.


No new laws would have prevented the tragedy that happened in Newtown. It is estimated that Adam broke over 41 laws on that horrific day. He broke a law when he stole his mothers firarms, he broke a law when he killed his mother, he broke a local law when he drove with firearms in his vehicle from NJ to Connecticut, he broke a law when he took the firearms to the school, he broke a law when he brought the firearms into the school. There are many other laws that Adam broke on that day and none of them prevented the acts he committed.


Recently politicians have been calling for an assault weapons ban and a high magazine ban, I am completely against both measures, not only because it will restrict my rights but because they will serve no purpose in preventing tragedies. It is said Adam stole the weapons from his mother who lives in NJ, well as you know NJ already has an assault weapons ban which is stricter than the old federal ban, Connecticut too also has an assault weapons ban, both state also have bans against high capacity magazines. Neither of these bans prevented the tragedy Adam committed, so any type of federal ban will not prevent a tragedy of this kind.


Instead of focusing on gun control we must focus on school safety. There are many things we as people can do to make schools safer and banning any type of firearm is not one of them. We can look towards the lack of security our schools currently have. Something along the lines of installing metal detectors at a schools entrance, allowing only one entrance into a school building but having many exits, having an armed police officer or security guard man this entrance into the school. All of these are examples of how to make our schools safer and hopefully eliminate any future tragedies. I understand that such measures will cost us all but can we really put a price tag on our children’s safety?


Our thoughts and prayers are with these families as we need to reach out to them at this time...as true Americans. Also, as a father of three children I feel responsible for their well being and safety inside and outside of our home. 99.99% of firearms owners (including myself) are responsible and enjoy sharing this God given right with them. We look forward to you preserving this right for MY children and their children so they have the right to protect themselves.


"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good"

-- George Washington


"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest."

-- Mahatma Gandhi

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It's a damn shame that in the wake of this horrific tragedy we have to defend our selves. Not given the chance to mourn these poor children, but yet defend our rights from the hyenas who are bathing in the blood of those lost to forward their own agendas.

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