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.223 Ammo Virtually Gone

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I probably have 10,000 rounds as componets waiting to be assembled. No shortage in my house!


Vendor shortage is what I meant lol. Some of you guys are set for this year. I'm pretty well off with my ammo as well, except I don't need to manufacture any of it.

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I remember reading an article a few years ago that most ammo manufacurers only produce one caliber at a time. They may do a run of say 9mm for 3 or 4 months, then change the tooling to lets say, 40 cal, and do several months of that. This would account for shortages after these buying frenzies caused by panic in the gun community.

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Components will be next to go because they will all go the ammo manufacturers to fulfill LEO and military orders first.


Components are drying up for .223 and 9mm because the civilian market is GREATLY outstripping the demand compared to the large government contracts and there are also large government contracts to fulfill.


If it goes like last time, .223 brass will get ahrd to find, even once fired as the remanufacturers get slammed, and anything but high quality match and varmint bullets for .223 will go to commercial production. Certain brands of high quality match and varmint bullets will still trickle in at regular intervals. 9mm will start being available in 124gr only when you can get them. .40 and .45 will come in and go out of supply in waves. Small pistol and small rifle primers will become very scarce. Don't be surprised to see only small pistol magnum and/or small rifle primers coming in drips and drops to the supply channel because you can work up loads substituting them for small pistol, but not the other way around.


That's the generall summary of previous times. I've never seen powder going out of stock to the extent it has been, this isn't like last time, so buckle up and take the above fairly conservative estimation of the ongoing state of affairs for about a year.


I'm beginning to think buying up 4 years of supply about a year ago was not sufficient to avoid this mess.

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American Eagle .223 $14.99 for 20 rds. Hardly a deal but......http://www.targetspo...ammunition.aspx


Just to add, I've ordered from Target Sports before with zero problems. "Deals" will come, but they'll be in the form of 20 rds. for $10 when you find them, but we have to act fast as they sell out in a very short period of time.

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