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So, we all know how tragic this past weekend has been for Newton, CT. I send my prayers out to all of the families affected by the massacre.


For us here in NJ however, do you think our local PD's will be using this as an opportunity to delay the FID and PP process even further??? Most townships here treat us as criminals and will wipe their butts clean with our FID/PP apps before they approve anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.


Here in Linden, one forum user is well past the 200-day mark. I just past the 30-day mark this past Saturday, and I'm afraid to even call and ask on my app's status. My references have yet to receive their letters. I can just imagine the disgruntled attitude I'll be given for wanting a gun during this time.


Only if I had disbanded my BS liberal socialist views when I turned 18, then I'd be swimming in firearms already... Times are tough.



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