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Pinning a muzzle brake

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I need a muzzle brake pinned and welded on an ar15 upper. I was told i was told it had to come from an ffl since it was a 14.5inch barrel. Is this true? Its not on nor do i even own a lower at this point


Keep in mind, if you have another complete AR in your possession, it can be construed as "constructive possession" of an assault weapon because you could theoretically place the short barrel on the other gun.


Yeah, the laws here blow. I could very easily drill/pin/weld a comp in my shop, but I won't take the chance (however remote) of doing it because I have other ARs and lots of parts lying around.

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Forget about the overtones, how does it make any sense to potentially punish those trying to make sure they are compliant? I dont know if Im just reaching that cynical age or what but.... I grow so weary of the feeling of constant government intrusion. I am particulerly tired of NJ manufacturing criminals.....

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