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Midwest Industries SS-series drop in handguards

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Well I figured I'd write up a quick review of the Midwest Industries SS-Series Drop-In Two Piece Handguards (midlength) I received as a Christmas gift this year.


First off these things are super light. They weigh 7.2 ounces without rails and only 8.3 ounces with the rails. Thanks to only having a top rail these save a lot of weight not having all four sides covered with rails many of us won't use. I don't have a scale at home but they almost feel lighter than my Magpul handguards.


They come with 3 rail sections, 2 short and 1 long, and screws to attach them to the handguard. They provide that monolithic style upper rail. They are thinner than the Magpul handguards I replaced them with and feel great in my hands. I don't have big hands and when I tried out my buddies AR with YHM handguards I was surprised how wide they were...these are the exact opposite...thin, I think the website says 1.825". They also have 5 QD socket locations for sling swivels.


I couldn't wait to get these on my BCM upper. Mounting them is the same as mounting any 2 piece handguard like the Magpul. These definitely lock up super tight. I always had a 2mm or so bit of front to back play with my Magpul's...these have no play at all and almost feel like they truly are a one piece free float.


I used the long rail section to mount my Magpul AFG2 to the bottom and everything feels solid. I'm truly impressed how great they are considering their price point $150ish. The machining was great and looked like much more expensive handguards I've seen. Plus they're made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty which is always a plus.


Haven't gotten to shoot with them on yet thanks to the ammo scare but will be doing so soon and will definitely update once I do. My first impression though is these are great and are a must for anyone looking to add a rail on a budget. I love the fact that they're modular and you can put rails only where you need them. Next investment will definitely be a weapon light with pressure switch. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Here's the obligatory picture (sorry about the crappy cell pic and bad lighting).



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