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Favorite Gun to shoot that you own

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My S&W 10-7. It's not the flashiest or biggest I have, but it used to belong to my grandfather, and there's just something about it that feels "right."


Wow, that's awesome. I have my grandparents matching Colt Officers Model Match revolvers (22 and 38) that sometimes see the light of day. I have to shoot them at least once in a while to let them know I still love them.

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Had many different ones over the last four decades but currently it is a Ruger Blackhawk .357. Like the slow paced simplicity of a SA revolver plus I do not burn though two boxes of ammo in 15 minutes like I do with my 17 round M&P Pro. I get looks from the firing line loaded up with people with Glocks and similar, when I pull out my big SA revolver and blast off a few hot .357 rounds.


All my other guns are for home defense or carry so when I shoot them it is mainly to test reliability and proficiency; rarely just for fun. For fun I shoot the already mentioned Blackhawk, a derringer, NAA mini revolver, Raven .25, various .22's. Below is my favorite defensive gun to shoot:


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